Dio Returns with opener Jizzy Pearl’s Love/Hate live in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA Concert Review


Date: June 15, 2019
Venue: Myth Live
Location: St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Reviewer: Metal Headz Media
Photos: Stephanie Cabral (third and fourth photos)

There have been many who had their own concerns and opinions about the Dio Hologram Tour. I even had my own thoughts on how well a show like this would go over in a live setting, so I had to see it for myself. What made it more enticing to see, was that Jizzy Pearl of Love/Hate was opening the show.

Jizzy Pearl’s Love/Hate:

The only time I got to see Pearl perform was when he was doing vocals for Ratt (which was the grand opening of the Myth that also had FireHouse, Quiet Riot and Cinderella), so I was excited to finally hear some Love/Hate songs live. Pearl and his solo band came out with “Yucca Man” from Love/Hate’s second album Wasted In America. The band sounded great and displayed the best stage presence they could with the limited space they had. The drummer was up on a riser stage left, but that left the rest of the band about five feet of stage room, due to all the space it takes for the Dio hologram. Pearl did a great job getting the crowd involved with his set, and even mentioned that the first tour that Love/Hate were on was with Dio, so he felt honored to be taking part on this tour.

Pearl’s set was focused on tracks from his first two releases with Love/Hate — Blackout In The Red Room and Wasted In America. “Spinning Wheel” from Let’s Rumble was the only song performed that was not on the first two albums. Pearl’s band did an amazing job bringing Love/Hate’s music to my ears. All three of them were on point and made those songs even better live, not to mention Pearl’s voice is just as powerful as he sounds on the albums. What I can tell you is this — if Jizzy Pearl and his band come back to town, I will be there front and center singing along like I was that night! They put on an energetic show and sounded great!

Jizzy Pearl’s Love/Hate’s setlist:
01. Yucca Man
02. Rock Queen
03. Tumbleweed
04. Spit
05. Fuel
06. Mary Jane
07. Straightjacket
08. Spinning Wheel
09. Wasted In America
10. Why Do You Think They Call It Dope?
11. Blackout In the Red Room

Jizzy Pearl’s Love/Hate performing “Why Do You Think They Call It Dope?” live in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA on June 15, 2019:

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Dio Returns:

Ronnie James Dio is a music legend and an icon to many vocalist and musicians. The things he has done for the rock / metal community will live on forever. The Dio Hologram Tour is a great way for his fans and fellow musicians to celebrate all the great music he has made in his life. Yes, there are skeptics out there that think this is a “cash grab,” but after witnessing this show live, I can tell you it is not!  This show is to honor the life of Dio and to prove to everyone that his music will live on forever.

For anyone that might be unaware, the Dio Hologram does not have Dio performing all the tracks live. Tim “Ripper” Owens and Oni Logan share their vocal talents to bring Dio’s songs to life throughout the night. The live band consists of Simon Wright on drums, Craig Goldy on guitars, Bjorn Englen on bass and Scott Warren on keyboards.

When the lights went down, the band came out on stage and went right into “King of Rock And Roll.”  Everyone had their horns up in honor of Dio, and seconds before the vocals kicked in, the Dio Hologram appeared center stage pointing at the crowd and doing all the stage moves we remember from Dio. When the song was over, Owens came out on stage and asked the crowd if they “could feel it” while pounding on his chest as if Dio was here with us. He went on to say that tonight’s show was a celebration of his life and music and if ‘you listen to fools’ “The Mob Rules.”

“Children of The Sea” saw the first appearance from Logan. I have seen Logan with Lynch Mob a couple of times, but was not sure how he would be singing some of the Dio songs. All my doubts were taken away with the first song he sang. Just like Owens, Logan sounded amazing and did justice to all the Dio songs he was a part of. Not only did Owens and Logan sound great, but the whole band sounded just as good. Bjorn and Wright were in synch with each other, and Wright got to show off some of his talent with a drum solo. Bjorn was stage right most of the night, but did spend some time with the Dio Hologram on a couple of songs. Goldy was just phenomenal on guitar and showed his skills with all the solos. Warren was keeping himself busy with the keyboards and rocking out when he had the opportunity.

The Dio Hologram returned with “The Last In Line,” that had a little bit of “Holy Diver” in the middle, then went right back into “The Last In Line” to complete the two song medley. The rest of the night was filled with tracks from Dio’s past that included songs from Rainbow, Black Sabbath, and his solo work. It was a good mix of the Hologram, Owens, and Logan performing. There were a couple of songs that saw Owens and Logan together, but it wasn’t until the end with “We Rock” and “Neon Knights” that saw all three of them together on stage.

With the mix of the Hologram, Owens, Logan, and the live band, they kept the show entertaining and proved that Dio’s music can and will stand the test of time. Standouts for me were “Gates of Babylon” and “Invisible.” Hearing them live takes those songs to another level and I have a greater appreciation for them and will make sure to include them in my playlist.

Not only is the Hologram something to see, but the visuals they show on all the projections screens bring the show to life. Every song has something different to look at. So what can be next for the Dio Hologram? How about 3D? KISS did it on the Psycho Circus tour, so maybe they could do something like that on the next tour? It would only bring the experience more to life!

Dio’s setlist:
01. King of Rock And Roll
02. Mob Rules
03. Children of The Sea
04. The Last In Line / Holy Diver
05. Stand Up And Shout
06. Don’t Talk To Strangers
07. Egypt (The Chains Are On)
08. Gates of Babylon
09. Invisible
10. Stargazer
11. Heaven And Hell / Man On The Silver Mountain
12. Rainbow In The Dark
13. We Rock
14. Neon Knights

Dio Returns performing “The Last In Line / Holy Diver” live in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA on June 15, 2019:

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