Geoff Tate live in Vienna, Virginia, USA Concert Review


Date: February 15, 2017
Venue: Jammin’ Java
Location: Vienna, Virginia, USA
Reviewer: Christopher Carroll
Photos: Christopher Carroll Rock Photography

I saw Geoff Tate recently on the Trilogy tour with Tim “Ripper” Owens and Blaze Bayley and was impressed. I’ve been a huge Queensrÿche fan since their debut EP and, was happy to see Geoff Tate had that vocal fire once again after he and Queensrÿche split up and he formed the Operation: Mindcrime band. I had my reservations about the Trilogy tour but I had such a great time and was treated to some amazing music that night, I left there satisfied. So, when I heard Geoff Tate was coming around with an acoustic band — yeah, that’s what I said too! … an acoustic band??? — I wondered what this was all about. Then, looking at the setlist someone sent me, it appeared they were playing all Queensrÿche songs. I first thought, “This is crazy.” My second thought was, “I’d better get a ticket before it sells out!”

The tour is entitled The Whole Story and it’s comprised of precisely selected songs that take you on a journey through the music Geoff Tate has had a hand in writing over the past 35 years. He pulls songs all the way back from the original Queensrÿche EP. The tour seems to be set in smaller, more acoustic, inviting environments. The smaller venue made me want to go even more. This is an opportunity to be up close while Geoff and his band while they play acoustic renditions of Queensrÿche songs on guitars, a violin, a mandolin, a cello and a cajon. At the same time, Geoff walks us down memory lane with stories between the songs.

I got there an hour before doors were supposed to open and found the place was already 75% full. I was excited about photographing the show but when I saw the layout of the tables and chairs, it was so crowded that I knew I wouldn’t be able to shoot the way I wanted to. I had to shoot from one spot on the side, against the wall. That was fine but prevented me from being able to get different angles and be more creative.

When the band took the stage, they immediately started playing “Walk In The Shadows” from the Rage For Order album. Every song was a Queensrÿche song with the exception of a Dropkick Murphy’s cover.

Geoff Tate’s setlist:
01. Walk In The Shadows
02. Another Rainy Night (Without You)
03. Some People Fly
04. Jet City Woman
05. Chasing Blue Sky
06. Bridge
07. Until There Was You
08. Out Of Mind
09. Silent Lucidity
10. The Fight
11. Blood
12. Take Hold Of The Flame
13. The Lady Wore Black
14. Hundred Mile Stare
15. I Don’t Believe In Love
16. Eyes Of A Stranger
17. I’m Shipping Up To Boston (Dropkick Murphy cover)
18. Around The World

The audience loved the show. They cheered after every song and many times when the next song was announced. No one left early and everyone sang along. After the first song, Geoff took a sip off his glass of red wine and immediately spit it out onto the stage exclaiming it was horrible. I waited for him to suggest the venue start carrying his wine, Insania, but… it wasn’t a stunt to publicize his wine. I guess it really was that bad! I guess he decided not to take a chance on another wine and asked them to bring him a Jameson On The Rocks.

This was a very enjoyable way to see the Queensrÿche songs. I would definitely suggest seeing him while they are on this acoustic tour but hurry, the dates I’ve seen are only through April, then they move on to Canada (and 60 other countries)!

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Geoff Tate performing “Take Hold Of The Flame” in Vienna, Virginia, USA on February 15, 2017:

Geoff Tate – Take Hold Of The Flame – Acoustic – Jammin’ Java – Vienna VA – 2-15-17

The Whole Story Acoustic Tour. Go see this amazing show by Geoff and the band, you’ll be glad you did.

Geoff Tate performing “I Don’t Believe In Love” in Vienna, Virginia, USA on February 15, 2017:

Geoff Tate – I Don’t Believe In Love – Scott guitar troubles = fun moment – Vienna VA 2/15/17

Scott Moughton has guitar troubles that leads to a fun moment…..classic =^) Great story intro.