George Lynch Concert Review


Show Date: June 20, 2007
Location: Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.
Venue: The Brickhouse
Reviewer: Jim
Band Website:


It was insane! He had the new Randall Lynch Box amplifiers that he helped design – 4, maybe 5 full stacks for a club that was maybe 2,500 square feet! They hit the stage with lightning and thunder and pulverized us!! The sound was ridiculously LOUD, but you could hear George a bit better this time, more than last year. The new drummer was good, and the bass player – Marten Andersson – rocks and I think is very under-rated. I got to talk to him afterwards, and he is also a member of Lizzy Borden. Nice guy! Gerry did a great job on the sidelines, playing rhythm and singing backup vocals while George amazed us with a shredding clinic. The singer, Andrew Freeman, did a good job screaming through a lot of the Rokken Dokken songs and kept up the energy, but didn’t do as well on songs like Alone Again.

After the show, George came out and hung out with the fans for about 20 minutes (I got a picture with him), and since he was all sweaty and tired but still hanging out with the fans – I bought him a beer and thanked him for a great show. He was really surprised and thankful. Another nice guy! It was a seriously amazing show. Highlights for me were Breath and a Scream from the Lynch/Pilson album, Flesh and Blood that Ray Gillen originally sang on, and of course, Mr. Scary on the Skull and Bones guitar. F**kin HEAVY and F**kin Hardcore!

Jack Ripper warmed up the crowd and did some lead work that was really not that great (except that he’s TEN FRIGGIN YEARS OLD and about 4 and 1/2 feet tall) and I thought, this is gonna be pretty lame. But he has the ex-singer for one of our local metal bands working with him. The JACK RIPPER BAND then rocked out hard on the (very cool) original songs. Jack really plays rhythm pretty killer for any age, and the singer was really good! Much more a showcase for him than his old band ever was. Jack has an endorsement deal with Jackson, so maybe we’ll be hearing more from them.

I told George he was WHITE F**CKIN HOT last night, and he said, “We’ll be even better tomorrow night, now that we’ve loosened up.”

GUITAR LIST – George played the Yellow Tiger with the new neck for most of the show, brought out the ESP Vintage Strat for one song, the new ESP Super V for two songs and the legendary Skull & Bones for Mr. Scary.