Kix Concert Review


Show Date: March 13, 2010
Location: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Venue: Rams Head Live
Reviewer: Ted Van Pelt
Band Websites: –

The original date of this concert was to be December 19th, but the East Coast blizzard of 2009 prevented that from happening. The venue, Rams Head Live, was celebrating their 5th anniversary, and what better way to celebrate than with ‘The Dirty Boys Of The Underground’, the son’s of Baltimore, Kix.

Kix vocalist Steve Whiteman was asked, in September 2009 by Rams Head management, who should be the opening act, and he replied, “Face Dancer, simple as that”. Steve was right, Face Dancer put on an awesome opening act. In the late 1970’s The Shooze, who would later transform into Kix, would open for Face Dancer and learned the ropes of the entertainment world from these guys.

Face Dancer played the following songs; Face Dancer, The Sphinx, Don’t Get Me Wrong, Change, Gotta Find Love, Time Bomb, Gang Bang, Can’t Stand Still (with a little Sly and the Family Stone thrown in the middle), Cry Baby, Red Shoes and All The Young Dudes.

Kix live in Baltimore 2010Kix live in Baltimore 2010

Then Rams Head staffers brought in a cake, the second one made by Charm City Cakes due to the earlier cancellation, and it was cut with a guitar. The Scores girls were on hand and the ‘Baltimore 2010 Hon’ was the MC host.

After the delayed intermission Kix came out on stage firing. These guys are on top of their game right now. The current Kix line-up is Steve Whiteman (lead vocals, harmonica, saxophone and percussion), Ronnie 10/10 Younkins (guitars, talk box and backing vocals), Brian Damage Forsythe (guitars and guitar synthesizer), Mark Schenker (bass and backing vocals) and Jimmy Chocolate Chalfant (drums, percussion and backing vocals).

Kix live in Baltimore 2010Kix live in Baltimore 2010

Many of the fans at Rams Head are long time Kix followers and the stadium, which has a capacity of 26,000 square feet and holds about 1,900 fans, was sold-out to witness the band’s high energy set. Whiteman whipped up the crowd with his humor and excitement while the sound quality and talent of the band members was superb. The five band members created a contagious atmosphere and you can’t help but have fun at one of their concerts.

Kix‘ setlist consisted of Red Light, Green Light TNT, Heartache, Happy Birthday Rams Head Blues Jam (performed Led Zeppelin style), Sex, The Itch, Cold Chills, Midnite Dynamite, The Kid, Don’t Close Your Eyes, Get It While It’s Hot, She Dropped Me The Bomb, Cold Shower, Cold Blood, Girl Money, Blow My Fuse and Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

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