Living Colour Concert Review


Show Date: January 28, 2010
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Venue: Stodola Club
Reviewer: Fat Peter
Band Websites: –

Living Colour is a peculiar band. When you think of black musicians your first thoughts will possibly be of hip hop, soul or blues. Not many black folks hit it big with rock music, it’s nothing racial, just a historical fact.

Baring that in mind, the show that was scheduled for January 28 in Warsaw, Poland really intrigued me. After I checked out their music it hit me instantly that these African-Americans live and breathe rock ‘n’ roll. Not only that, but they are the kind of band that some rock fans will love and some will dismay. The key factor here is diversity.

Living Colour live in Warsaw 2010Living Colour live in Warsaw 2010

Living Colour is rock ‘n’ roll, but not 100%. Being rock for the most part, this music bares strong soul, funk and ethno influences. Some people will like it and some won’t, but their live show is a must see. The 2010 Warsaw gig was solid proof of that.

The band hit the stage late, but that was due to heavy snowfall. They did however put on a great, almost two hour long performance. The music, like stated earlier, was strong and energetic hard rock with a lot of soulful and funky vibes. There was also a lot of programming involved. The guitarist Vernon Reid was almost surrounded by all kinds of guitar effects, and he didn’t mind using them. But behind all this music gadgetry there was an outstanding guitarist, delivering crushing riffs and outstanding solos.

Living Colour live in Warsaw 2010Living Colour live in Warsaw 2010

The vocals, handled by one Corey Glover, were a sight to hear and see. The man was immensely energetic, like riding on a coffee and energy drink high. He was all around the stage, running and jumping, but at the same time delivering pretty diverse vocals. At one point during a song he could give out loud screams, and at another some soulful singing.

The bass player Doug Wimbish was on the spot with all bass lines, really tight, and he co-operated with the drummer. He was even brave enough to wander deep into the audience during his bass solo, which I haven’t seen before. Talking about solos, the band’s drummer Will Calhoun put on one of the best I have seen in my life, and that’s no exaggeration as this one contained no filler. Combining excellent skills with advanced electronics, the man performed a drum solo that sounded like a whole band soloing at the same time. Yes, by playing a drum he generated the sound of an electric guitar solo and a bass solo. I have to admit I had never heard anything like that before.

Living Colour live in Warsaw 2010

Living Colour‘s set could be summed up by two expressions; very energetic and very diverse. All rock fans like an intense show with a band full of energy, but the diversity and style mixing might not appeal to everyone. If you don’t mind your rock with a bit of soul, funk, and a lot of technical wizardry, go see Living Colour. Even if you’re not into it, and just like good, energetic performances, I suggest you still go as this show will blow your head off.

Living Colour live in Warsaw 2010