Queensrÿche w/ opener Marty Friedman live in Houston, Texas, USA Concert Review


Date: March 10, 2023
Venue: Scout Bar
Location: Houston, Texas, USA
Reviewer: Marshall Combs
Photo: Marshall Combs

The night was so full of promise and excitement. I have rarely missed a Queensrÿche show when they come to Houston. However, this was different. The Digital Alliance Tour coming to an intimate rock bar on the south side of Houston/Clear Lake Area. I couldn’t believe it, Queensrÿche up close and personal!

The evening started running late for us so we missed the opening act Trauma. Bummer.

Marty Friedman

Marty Friedman was up next and totally delivered. Amazing wizardry and axe slinging talent. Blazing through a whole set. The crowd chanting after every song — “Marty! Marty! Marty!”

The place was packed to the gills like sardines. I could feel the excitement building as the Rÿche’s loyal subjects were waiting.

Marty kept delivering over and over again. His band was just on fire. Wow! It all culminated in a super cool event, where Marty picked a person from the crowd to come up and jam with him and the band. The fan totally delivered and while obviously not Marty [laughs], he was bad ass.

Marty Friedman’s setlist on Mar. 10, 2023 (as per setlist.fm):
01. Stigmata Addiction
02. Devil Take Tomorrow
03. Amagigoe
04. Tornado of Souls (partial)
05. Paradise Express
06. Dragon Mistress
07. Kaze Ga Fuiteru

Marty Friedman performing “Tornado of Souls” (partially) live at the Scout Bar in Houston, Texas, USA on March 10, 2023 (video from imcominforyou‘s YouTube page):


Now  the heartbreak. Waiting and waiting. Hmmm…. So good. Ready to hear the Rÿche kill this place. Ready for ringing ears. Ready for the joy, the rush of exhileration to wash over me… and then…

Michael Wilton walked out with a guy, maybe the stage manager. Anyways, you could tell by his body language that this was not good. He genuinely looked sad. It was written all over his face. Michael said, “Guys, I got some bad news.” I will paraphrase the rest as I did not record it. But, Michael was very apologetic. I was so proud of our Houston family — the crowd. They hung on every word with cheers of support and clapping. We know the Rÿche does deliver on its promises to its fans — to show up and rock out and give us memories — so something was amiss.

Todd [La Torre] woke up this morning without a voice.”

“We have been working with it all day and he can’t sing. He has no voice. In fact, he is on the bus and in bed right now.”

Michael just seemed geniuinely shocked this was happening. But, he seemed relieved and elated by the support of the crowd.

He continued, “We are going to see if we can find a doctor in the morning, to see if even the Dallas show is possible tomorrow night.”

“We are coming back to honor this show and we will be back to play for y’all at the end of the tour—End of April.” He apologized some more and exited the stage.

Place emptied out. Was bummed but, got my t-shirt [laughs]! So, in April, I will be ready. Great night with the wife though.

Prayers and total grace for Todd, Michael, Eddie [Jackson] and the boys.