Sixx:A.M. Concert Review


Show Date: October 25, 2007
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.
Venue: The E Center
Reviewer: Michael
Band Websites: –

Wow, when I heard that Sixx:A.M. was going to play for the first andpossibly last time live here in Salt Lake City I knew I had to be there.

They have announced no plans to tour or play again anytime soon. Giventhe opportunity to see three songwriters, producers, and musicians eachprolific in their own right, on the stage at the same time, I knew I hadto be there. I was curious with them being just the threesome, (NikkiSixx, DJ Ashba, and James Michael) how they were going to sound, andfurther more how they would reproduce the album with backing vocals andrich keyboards throughout, especially with just the three of them. Moreon that later.

When the lights went down they started with a recordingof the first track off of the Heroin Diaries Soundtrack, “X-mas InHell”, it was like Nikki knew what he was doing as the lights remainedoff and the recording played as the crowd was whipped into a frenzyanticipating a trio that could blow the balls off of a charging rhino atfifty paces. When the lights came up they went into the song “Pray ForMe” as the crowd went nuts.

You knew immediately the immense talent thatwas gathered on this stage just by the mix they had. You could hearJames‘ vocals crisp and clear and not buried by guitar or Nikki‘s bass.Whoever was working the sound board nailed it, because I could equallyhear Nikki‘s bass, DJ‘s guitar, and the drummer in a tight mix. Theseguys were so polished you would have thought they were winding up a ninemonth tour.

Next they broke into the song “Van Nuys”, which if you’veheard the album know that Nikki assaults his bass, as the song’s bassline makes that song. For saying that this was Sixx:A.M.‘s first album theaudience familiarity and reception was killer as we all sang along. Asthey played “Van Nuys” I noticed that at stage left DJ was playing thekeyboards to the beginning of the song. He played them throughout thenight as well as giving Salt Lake a guitar clinic while he was at it.

Next song they went into was “Accidents Can Happen” as James slid overto the keyboard and played them for that song. Just a reminder that Iwas witnessing three guys who are so talented and known throughout theindustry as sought after collaborators. As the show wore on they played”Heart Failure”, but not before Nikki, who was drinking bottled water (itis so good to see him happy and healthy), stepped up to the mic andsaid…”This is the first time we have played live anywhere….and I amsure glad it is here in Salt Lake”. Well obviously the crowd wentballistic.

On a side note at stage right there was a black dress blondeback up singer (name unknown) who sang in perfect harmony all night withJames. James Michael can SING! Holy shit, it is rare that you hear avocalist on an album and they are able to capture all of that range andsame sound live, but James left no stone unturned as he displayed atalent and strength only appreciated by a trained ear.

They then wentinto the song on the album called “Intermission” which is unique but theway they played it gave DJ a chance to show Salt Lake what six stringsshould sound like. He tore it up all the while making it lookeffortless.

Being as they were playing before KORN, at this point theyhad to wrap things up. James thanked 94.9 the Blaze, a local radiostation, as being one of the first stations to play the song that wascoming next. He said, “Here’s a song that you all have made a big hit”,as they went into “Life Is Beautiful”. Once again if you were to closeyour eyes you would not know that this was live as they sounded justlike the CD.

That unfortunately ended the show for them. As I sat therefor a minute I realized that I had just witnessed history. Their firstand possibly, but hopefully not, last show. For those of you who were notable to be there Nikki Sixx, DJ Ashba and James Michael wrote their own piece of historythat night. If there was one negative thing to this show it would simplybe that it had to end. As a matter of fact I got up and left. Nothing against KORN, but when you have seen the wizards and magic of SIXX AM,  it is okay to go home. You have just seen the best!

All in all,Christmas came early in Salt Lake.