Sleaze Roxx ranks the Rocklanta performances from first to last

Sleaze Roxx ranks the Rocklanta performances from first to last

It’s time to rank the Rocklanta performance from first to last. It was actually quite easy picking the top and bottom performances but harder for the middle of the pack picks. Overall, I thought that every band put in a good to great effort except Rocklanta headliner Warrant who put on a surprisingly uninspired and flat performance.

Funny enough, I only saw Brad Lee, the Rocklanta organizer and principal behind Brad Lee Entertainment, on two occasions throughout the Rocklanta Festival (aside from his appearances on stage). The first time was when I just arrived as Brad was walking around with XYZ‘s Terry Ilous and the second time was just when I was about to leave the Center Stage venue after two fantastic days of rock n’ roll. I thanked Brad for putting on a first class rock n’ roll festival and that pretty much sums up my entire experience at Rocklanta. Everything seemed meticulously planned from the great merchandise section, to every band seemingly playing on time, to each band getting a prolonged set, to having chosen the most amazing venue for the festival, to a hotel only one block away from the venue. I should note that Tribal One Entertainment also helped organize the event but I really don’t know the extent of their involvement.

I know that Rocklanta (shockingly) did not sell out but it really should have with the caliber of the performances and the killer line-up. Interestingly, most people that I met had traveled a fair distance to get to Rocklanta suggesting that Brad Lee Entertainment can count on a core amount of supporters to come from just about anywhere in the world to his events. It could simply be that Atlanta, Georgia just doesn’t have enough diehard rock n’ roll supporters for this type of event. That being said, to illustrate just how well Brad Lee Entertainment is doing in terms of organizing rock n’ roll events, the M3 Rock Festival in Columbia, Maryland, USA expanded to three days this year, which effectively eliminated Brad Lee Entertainment‘s Sleazy Slimey Sunday series (which had been taking place on the Sunday after M3 for the last three years). In addition, it appears that the M3 Rock Festival will be giving expanded sets to its performers since there is now a maximum of nine bands each day rather than eleven on Day Two of the festival last year. I am really looking forward to seeing what Brad Lee Entertainment has in store for us in the future. Rocklanta will be tough to top but if someone can do it, it is Brad Lee.

Finally, thank you once again to Joe Schaeffer for being able to use his absolutely killer photos from the Rocklanta Festival. Make sure that you go check out Joe’s new website.


Day One (March 29, 2019):
01. Hardcore Superstar
02. FireHouse
03. Babylon Shakes
04. XYZ
05. O.D.D.

Day Two (March 30, 2019):
01. Dangerous Toys
02. Kickin Valentina
03. Denman
04. Tora Tora
05. Tyketto
06. Lillian Axe
07. The East Side Gamblers
08. Roxy Blue
09. Warrant

Overall rankings (March 29 and 30, 2019):
01. Hardcore Superstar — Swedish sleaze rockers dominate from start to finish and put on jaw dropping performance.
02. Dangerous Toys — Texas sleaze rockers deliver hard hitting set that includes first new song played live in 25 years.
03. Kickin Valentina — Hometown favorites come out swinging with new lead vocalist DK Revelle.
04. Denman — Youngsters prove that they are the real deal with killer guitar solos and melodies, and catchy songs.
05. FireHouse — Veteran group fronted by energetic frontman CJ Snare puts on fun, hit filled set.
06. Tora Tora — No frills rock n’ roll set with enthusiastic singer Anthony Corder well received.
07. Tyketto — Set heavy on album ‘Strength In Numbers’ with singer Danny Vaughn calling out cell phone users.
08. Babylon Shakes — Survive quite well the almost impossible task of playing right after Hardcore Superstar.
09. XYZ — Terry Ilous is back fronting the right band which provides fun set including acoustic segment.
10. Lillian Axe — Veteran heavy metal rockers put on strong set with singer Brian C. Jones covering a lot of ground.
11. The East Side Gamblers — Nashville rockers provide fun set highlighted by sizzling Black Sabbath cover.
12. Roxy Blue — Set caught short to five songs after drummer inexplicably shows up late.
13. Warrant — Rocklanta headliner delivers uninspired performance after requesting backstage area to be cleared.
14. O.D.D. — Rocklanta opener and hometown group doesn’t really belong with rest of ’80s “hair metal” line-up.

Hardcore Superstar performing “We Don’t Celebrate Sundays” live at Rocklanta in Atlanta, Georgia, USA on March 29, 2019: