Ugly Kid Joe and Fozzy live at St. Croix Casino in Turtle Lake, Wisconsin, USA Concert Review


Date: May 20, 2023
Venue: St. Croix Casino
Location: Turtle Lake, Wisconsin, USA
Reviewer: Metal Headz Media
Photos: Metal Headz Media

It has been at least 25 years since Ugly Kid Joe has done a national tour. Yes, they have done a few shows here and there, but this year, they are on a full-blown tour and brought Fozzy and Pistols At Dawn as support. I had never heard of Pistols At Dawn before, but when I saw the pairing of Fozzy and Ugly Kid Joe, I thought to myself that this is a fantastic billing and I had to see this show. Of all the concerts I have been to, this was my first time ever seeing Fozzy and Ugly Kid Joe, so I was super excited to see both of them in the same night.

The show that I attended was on May 20th at St. Croix Casino in Turtle Lake, Wisconsin. I have been to one other concert at this venue before and that was to see Queensrÿche a few years ago. It’s a nice size venue and there is not a single bad standing point in there — unless you are standing behind someone that is much taller than you are.


Unfortunately, I missed Pistols At Dawn‘s set, but from what I was hearing from people in attendance, they were really good and that I should not miss them again if I should get the chance. I did however, make time to catch Fozzy‘s full set and OH MAN, did they kick ass!  “Sane,” the first single from their newest album, Boombox, set the pace for what the crowd was in for and that was a high-paced, interactive, and entertaining performance. Fozzy‘s set consisted mainly of singles they have released on all their albums and they did a nice job selecting a song or two off most of their releases. “Lights Go Out,” “Nowhere To Run,” “Spider In My Mouth,” “Enemy” (more on this later), and closer “Judas,” were some of my favorites of the night. One song that I was really hoping to hear was “Let The Madness Begin” off Chasing the Grail. That song has one of the best lyric lines that I have heard, “God feeds on my thoughts, even when I pray.” The first time I heard Chris Jericho belt out those lyrics, I just froze and had to rewind it. Those lyrics are so powerful and so true to some of my own personal struggles.

For all those skeptics who think Jericho should just stay in the wrestling ring, you are sadly mistaken. Jericho was on point and sounded amazing. He knows how to entertain in a ring and does the same when he is up on a concert stage. Jericho and his band know how to put on an amazing show and they sound amazing doing it! You can just tell that the whole band is having the time of their life when they are up on that stage. From a fan’s standpoint, it just makes you enjoy the show even more. Guitarists Rich Ward and Billy Grey were just phenomenal with their playing and presence. They were trading solos and licks all throughout the night, but when it came to the middle of “Enemy,” they showed just how talented they are. The solos they were doing were breathtaking and had the crowd cheering the whole time. Ward grabbed the mic mid-solo and just started screaming “Wooo’s” and “Yeah’s” with the crowd returning the same scream.  New addition, bassist PJ Farley, who is known from his time in Trixter, was enjoying every moment on stage and also provided back-up vocals with vocals in harmony with Jericho.  Drummer Grant Brooks, who is also a fairly new addition, did a fantastic job behind the kit and was great to watch with him twirling and throwing around his sticks.

I really do believe that Fozzy has a very strong line-up with the addition of Farley and Brooks, and I can not wait to hear what they provide on Fozzy‘s next studio album.

Fozzy’s setlist:
01. Sane
02. Lights Go Out
03. Do You Wanna Start A War
04. Nowhere To Run
05. Relax
06. I Still Burn
07. Burn Me Out
08. Spider In My Mouth
09. God Pounds His Nails
10. Purifier
11. Enemy
12. Judas

Ugly Kid Joe

1991 was the year when the world was introduced to Ugly Kid Joe with their hit single “Everything About You.” Just as vocalist Whitfield Crane sings in “Whiplash Liquor” — “We ain’t glam and we ain’t thrash.” That song resonated with fans of all types of genres. A “glam” boy like myself, enjoyed that song because it was different and it wasn’t grunge.

Touring in support of their new album, Rad Wings of Destiny (homage to Judas Priest), Ugly Kid Joe, aka UKJ, is giving their fans something they haven’t in 25 years — a national tour!!! I have been their fan of since I first heard “Everything About You,” and never did get the opportunity to see them live. UKJ has always been on my bucket list and I always thought my chances to ever see them live was slim to none.  I am SO glad that I finally get to cross them off my list. I did have high hopes that I would get to see them with most of them being original members. However, that night, the only two originals were Crane and guitarist Klaus Eichstadt. I do want to apologize to the band and readers right now since I don’t know who the bassist, drummer, and second guitarist were that night. I heard a rumor that guitarist Dave Fortman‘s last show with them on this tour was the night before in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Again, that is just a rumor, but whoever took his place did an amazing job and I would have thought he was with them all tour.

The stage was all set and ready for the return of UKJ. “That Ain’t Livin'” got things off to an electric crowd. One of my favorite UKJ songs, “V.I.P” kept the energy flowing and then “Neighbor” kicked it into high gear. Crane was covering every inch of the stage and even got up close to the people in the front row to serenade them during “Milkman’s Son.” Eichstadt was stage right most of the night showcasing his guitar skills and throwing acknowledgments to the crowd with his two middle fingers.

The band sounded like a very tight unit, even with the new addition of a new guitar player, and played every song note for note.  As for Crane‘s vocal abilities, he hasn’t lost it! Crane sounded amazing and was sounding like he does on their albums. He was even trying to mimic Rob Halford‘s voice on “Goddamn Devil,” towards the end of the song. That was great to witness as you could just tell Crane was having a blast on that stage. The night came to an end with their first single, “Everything About You,” with Crane asking the crowd to help him sing the chorus. What a great way to end a fantastic night of live music once again.

Ugly Kid Joe’s setlist:
01. That Ain’t Livin’
02. V.I.P.
03. Neighbor
04. C.U.S.T.
05. Jesus Rode A Harley
06. Panhandlin’ Prince
07. No One Survives
08. Devil’s Paradise
09. So Damn Cool
10. Cats In The Cradle
11. I’m Alright
12. Failure
13. Milkman’s Son
14. Goddamn Devil
15. Everything About You