VH1 Rock Honors 2007 Concert Review


Show Date: May 12, 2007
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.
Venue: Mandalay Bay Events Center
Reviewer: Ray Mesaric
Band Website: VH1 Rock Honors

My son Brian and I, thanks to my boss friend, got to be “seat fillers” at the VH1 Rock Honors show. We had to be there about 4:30 for an 8 PM show but it was worth it!! The 1st part was a bit of a pain – being herded like cattle through lines and such. We had a choice between the Pit in front of the stage or seating – we chose seating – we all (there were 7 of us) agreed we did not feel like standing the entire time. Our seats were awesome! Right near the stage on the right hand side. We got spread out and the plan was if anyone showed up that bought ($185 per) a ticket and had that seat you would be relocated – that happened 1 time to me – twice to Bri. So the show opens… Our host is Jackass’ Bam Magera, who during the show gives himself a black eye and stage dives only to have the fans drop him!!

There is Nickleback – dressed like agents from M.I.B. – they do an ass kicking version of “Sharp Dressed Man”. Out comes Billy Bob Thornton – he introduces ZZ Top – the stage rotates and they come out a rockin with dancing girls in cages – WOW! They rip through “Gimme All Your Lovin”, “Le Grange”, “Tush” & “Cheap Sunglasses”.

Next out comes Cameron Diaz (Brian actually saw her walking past us in the casino earlier!) and she introduces Alice In Chains – fronted by Gretchen Wilson. They do “Barracuda” – Gretchen nails it and Nancy Wilson joins them on guitar!! I saw Ann & Nancy join her on stage at the House of Blues a year or so ago and I told everyone she can hang with Ann vocally – after tonight no one there will argue! After that the stage turns again and there are my Queens of Rock – Ann & Nancy Wilson. They do “Straight On”, “Crazy On You” and then something I felt strange – something from Jupiter’s Darling, their 2004 release, called “Love Child”. With so many other hits (“Magic Man”, “These Dreams”, “Dog & Butterfly”, etc) I just figured they’d one of those.

Well, then the fun started. Robin Williams comes out to introduce Genesis – he takes on the role of a preacher giving a sermon – hilarious! Keane plays “That’s All” – a great rendition. Then since Genesis isn’t quite ready, Robin Williams goes into a good 10 minute or so laugh fest – picking on the audience, himself, Britney Spears & Paris Hilton – he stole the show. Then when Genesis were ready he goes “OK they’re going to introduce me again, pretend I wasn’t f-ckin here”, and runs down the catwalk spins and comes back and reprises his “preacher” role! Genesis starts off with “Turn Me on Again” and then they did “No Son of Mine”. From there they did an instrumental that I have no idea what it was – again I thought it strange since they have so many other hits…

Then came time for Ozzy Osbourne, introduced by Jada Pinkett Smith (wife of Will Smith) who fronts a metal band called Wicked Wisdom that has played at Ozzfest . She first introduces Queens Of The Stone Age and they do a blistering performance of “Paranoid”. Jada then has Criss Angel with her who, in honor of Ozzy, “bites” the head off a mouse and brings out Ozzy. He opens with “I Don’t Want To Stop” his new single – this is the first time I have heard it and I thought it was pretty damn good. Then he plays “Bark at the Moon” closing with “Crazy Train”. While he played Zakk Wylde came up near us – within I’d say 15 feet, and just wailed!!

They concert lasted a little over 2 hours. VH1 I am sure will edit some out for airing on 24 May, but for me getting there over 4 hours prior to the show and all the run around of being a seat filler, I’d do it again next year – in fact cannot wait!