Winger Concert Review


Show Date: February 18, 2007
Location: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
Venue: The House Of Blues
Reviewer: Anita Maree Lande
Band Website: Winger

Still Can’t Get Enuff of Winger!

The smell and feel of power-rock was back for a few hours at the Chicago, House of Blues when Winger took stage to pump up the full house of fans that went all the way into the balconies. The Winger crowd was thrilled to see the founding members back on stage to perform their classic hits and new songs from their latest CD entitled IV.

When the band took stage, the crowd gave a huge roar to see drummer Rod Morgenstein, guitarist John Roth, and of course the two guys who formed the band back in 1987, guitarist Reb Beach, and bassist/vocalist Kip Winger.

They opened the night with Blind Revolution Mad, which powered into their song Loosen Up. They also pushed through other favorites like Rainbow in the Rose, Down Incognito, Junkyard Dog, and Can’t Get Enuff.

Winger also introduced a few new songs off IV. Your Great Escape seemed to go over well with the fans. They also performed Generica. Kip was at the keyboards and explained that this song was about how generic the U.S. was becoming with big corporations like Starbucks and Walmart buying out the small companies.

There were some exciting times during the night. Reb Beach did a rip-roaring guitar solo and Rod Morgenstein did a heart-pounding drum solo.

But the highlight of the night came when original member Paul Taylor came on stage and sat at the keyboards to jam with Winger on the song Headed For A Heartbreak. During the chorus I would bet the crowd of fans were singing louder than Kip and the band.

Winger also performed their smash hits like Easy Come Easy Go, Seventeen, and they ended the night with Madalaine.

As their lyrics say, Sometimes High, Sometimes Low/Easy Come Easy Go! So go see Winger now and support these talented musicians with top-notch songs and you will have a fun and rocking time!