Confess release new song “Is It Love” for streaming

Confess release new song “Is It Love” for streaming

Swedish sleaze rockers Confess consisting of lead vocalist John Elliot, drummer Samael, bassist Ludwig, and guitarists Blomman and Pontus have released a new song “Is It Love” for streaming from their upcoming new studio album Burn ‘Em All, which will be available on February 28, 2020. 

Track List for Burn ‘Em All:
01. So What?
02. Malleus
03. Welcome Insanity
04. A Beautiful Mind
05. Heresy
06. Burn ’Em All
07. Is It Love?
08. My Vicious way
09. 509
10. Prominence
11. One For The Road

In an interview with Sleaze Roxx back in June 2017, Confess frontman John Elliott was asked how the band got started to which he replied: “I started the band in late 2007 / early 2008 — can’t remember. Anyways, I formed the band with some dudes from my high school. After a few months, I got to know Sam [drummer] and he joined in. Him and I started to write music together and started to search for some new members. It took a few years of searching, writing and playing live in bars in Stockholm before we truly started to understand where we were going with this. But it was fun years.”

Confess‘ “Is It Love” single:

Confess – Is it love (official audio 2020)

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