Confess release video for “Strange Kind Of Affection”

Confess release video for “Strange Kind Of Affection”

Swedish sleaze rockers Confess consisting of singer John Elliot, drummer Samael, bassist Ludwig, and guitarists Blomman and Pontus have released a video for their song “Strange Kind Of Affection” from their album Haunters, which was released earlier this year.

Sleaze Roxx interviewed Elliot back in June 2017 and asked him about the musical progression from the band’s first album Jail to Haunters and how the departure of bassist Lucky and guitarist Denver impacted the new album.

Elliot replied: “Yes and no, on whether Lucky and Denver had influence over the songwriting in the past. For sure, they had a big influence on the sound on ‘Jail.’ But, with that said, I don’t think ‘Haunters’ would sound any different with Lucky and Denver still in the band. ‘Haunters’ sounds the way it does because we wanted it to. We even started to write some of the songs when they were still in the band. About the new members — yes, they brought some new influences to the table. ‘Haunters’ was more of a ”jam” album. We tried out different riffs, melodies and stuff at the rehearsal together. ‘Jail’ was quite the opposite. Me and Sam wrote most of the songs on that album and then we showed it to the guys and arranged it together. So that is the biggest difference in the two albums.”

Confess‘ “Strange Kind Of Affection” video:

Confess – Strange kind of affection (Official music video)

Yeah when the sunset strikes it’s easy to seeThat it seems like gods can’t fallLike all the bystanders to the merry-go-roundgot no voices left at allHe’s the…