Conny Bloom Confirms Electric Boys Reunion


March 23, 2009

Are the Electric Boys officially reuniting? According to vocalist Conny Bloom it is true, as he answered a couple of fan questions at

“So is this really happening?

That’s the question I’ve been getting from most people lately. Well, yes OF COURSE it’s happening. I guess most reunions are not full original line-up reunions. Frankly, not everyone is alive nowadays so the question is relevant.

The second question is “but who’s drumming if not Niclas Sigevall”?

Well, it IS Niclas Sigevall.

Niclas left the band after years of touring (around 92-93). He drummed himself into people’s hearts with Electric Boys before he basically got up on his chopper and headed out on the highway. Can’t blame him; shit can happen on the road and it did. Me and bassplayer Andy (A.C) Christell actually never thought we’d get back together so we’re both honoured and happy to put on our dancing shoes with Niclas and our great guitarist Franco Santunione again this summer. Like my friend Ginger says; it’s all good!

More updates on gigs etc coming soon so stay tuned!”

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