Crash Midnight unveil new single “Dead Aces”

Crash Midnight unveil new single “Dead Aces”

Crash Midnight featuring frontman Shaun Soho have released a new single titled “Dead Aces.”

In an interview with Rob Jones for The Rockpit last month, Soho explained the origin of the name of the track “Dead Aces”. Soho indicated: “

“It’s got kind of a winding story behind it.  I came up with the name way back in Boston by misreading a sign on what I thought was a bar near my old apartment. I thought for ages that it was called “Dead Aces” but when I finally got a good look at it, not only was it not a bar, it was a crafting store called Dead Art haha! But I still loved the name so I carried it with me to Vegas and ended up using it for this song about all our influences (both artistic and liquid).”

In terms of where “Dead Aces” ranks in terms of his favorites of Crash Midnight‘s newer material, Soho stated: “Aces has been steadily becoming a fan favorite since we started introducing it to the set.  I really dig the heavy sort of outlaw western vibe it has. It’s a fun one live so it’s definitely up there with one of the best of our recent songs. It actually has a cool little example of one of the things each guy brings to the table.” Soho added: “Our drummer, Mitchell, just came up with a quick galloping drum part right before the last revolution of the outro as a bit of a nod to an Aerosmith move and the western influence, Sort of the same thing Aerosmith does in Train Kept A Rollin, which we used to cover actually.”

Crash Midnight‘s “Dead Aces” video: