Crashdiet Cancel Finnish Appearances With Hardcore Superstar


November 27, 2009

Swedish sleaze rockers Crashdiet have announced that they have had to pull out of their opening slot on Hardcore Superstar’s Finnish tour.

The bands states, “We’re truly sorry to say this, but the making of our next album isway too far behind our recording schedule…

To avoid postponing the album release, we have beenforced to cancel the Finnish tour supporting HardcoreSuperstar.

The good thing is that we’ll be back in Finland on a headliningtour with a brand new ass-kicking album behind us during next year!

Again, we’re truly sorry for this and we’ll see ya in 2010!”

Crashdiet have been working on a new album with Jailbait vocalist Simon Cruz. During the recordings the band has been issuing studio reports through youtube. So far four episodes have been posted, viewable below:

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