Crashdiet Gearing Up To Release ‘Generation Wild’ In Late March

Crashdiet Gearing Up To Release ‘Generation Wild’ In Late March

January 3, 2010

Swedish sleaze rockers Crashdiet are proud to announce that they have finalized the new album!Ten mindblowing songs are currently being mixed by Swedish hotshot Tobias Lindell.The album entitled Generation Wild is set for a late march release, through Gain records.The title track will hit the Swedish radio stations in January.

Other titles featured are Native Nature, Chemical, Rebel, Down With The Dust, etc., togive you a hint. A complete tracklist with be released within a few dayz!

The recording took place in Grondal, Sweden with producing team Rampac.

Martin Sweet: This album is definitely a return to the sound and feel of Rest in Sleaze
Simon Cruz: A fine set of Swedish balls!
Peter London: So, finally, this is the sound of Swedish sleaze in 2010. mmm, yummy!
Eric Young: I am so proud of our soon-to-be-born-kikk-ass-baby, can’t stop listening to it!

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