Crashdiet Nominated For Swedish Grammy Award

Crashdiet Nominated For Swedish Grammy Award

December 23, 2013

Gain/Sony Music recording artists Crashdiet have solidified themselves as Sweden’s premiere glam metal outfit by being nominated for a Swedish Grammy for their fourth album, ‘The Savage Playground’, which was released earlier in 2013.

Produced and recorded by Otto Wellton at Kingside Studios, ‘The Savage Playground’ slammed into the Swedish national charts, peaking at #2 on the strength of the album’s first single “Cocaine Cowboys”. “It’s a fantastic feeling when you reach that high on the chart,” says Crashdiet guitarist Martin Sweet. “It only confirms that our fanbase is growing every year and we’re tremendously thankful for that!”

Crashdiet will be battling against Ghost, Nicke Borg Homeland, The Kristet Utseende and Watain in the ‘Hard Rock and Metal’ category.

2013 was the busiest year of the band’s career to date, with extreme highs and lows in spades. “2013 is a year we will never forget,” reflects Sweet. “It’s probably the year that made the biggest impact on us as persons. We had some great highs and horrible lows — our manager’s passing — which will definitely change the way we look at things forever. The passing of Michael Sunden, is, of course, heartbreaking. He will remembered as the guy who took us to America for the first time. A true visionary.”

With the Grammy nomination, the band ends the year on a huge note. “This is our second Grammy nomination and we’re surprised, as always, and of course, very honoured to be a part of this old tradition. Win or lose, we’re happy either way. We do what we do,” wraps up Sweet.

The 45th Annual Swedish Grammy Awards (“Grammis”) will take place on February 19th in Stockholm, Sweden.

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