Crashdiet Parts Ways With Vocalist Olliver Twisted


July 13, 2008

Swedish rockers Crashdiet have sent out the following press release announcing the departure of vocalist Olliver Twisted:

We have decided, in a mutual decision, to go separate ways with Olli.

We need a singer who can commit 100%, which unfortunately Olli couldn’t live up too. He, as many know about, has another band in finland and we couldn’t settle for sharing our time. We want to go further than any band has done before and we can’t afford to spend time just waiting. We need to function as a full unit, all the time!

It was, as mentioned above, a mutual decision and this ain’t the result of any kind of argument. We definately will go on as friends, and we wish Olli all the best!

Just to make things clear. CRASHDIET has no intention of giving up. The three of us are more hungry than ever and you ain’t seen the end of CRASHDIET yet!

Eric, Martin and Peter

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