Crashdïet release ‘Videos In The Rust’ in VHS format with first edition limited to 35 copies

Crashdïet release ‘Videos In The Rust’ in VHS format with first edition limited to 35 copies

Swedish rockers Crashdïet consisting of lead vocalists Gabriel Keyes, guitarist Martin Sweet, bassist Peter London and drummer Eric Young have gone retro releasing their first ever VHS titled Videos In The Rust.

Dïet Records‘ website indicates:

“The idea of releasing a VHS tape has been on our drawing board for quite a while. I’ve always had a fetish for VHS, and when it turned out our video guy Jimmy shares my interest in obsolete media, releasing a VHS felt like the natural thing to do. After all, the Rust album is available on both cassette and minidisc, and not letting a videocassette accompany these two would be a shame.

We’ve included some never-before-seen footage, such as bloopers & outtakes from the “Idiots” video, plus some coverage from our first show with Gabriel in Stockholm 2018.

This is a proud joint effort between Diet Records and Super Lino Puro, mostly made by hand. Suppliers of VHS tapes are few nowadays, so the best option was to do it ourselves. I have personally copied each tape, using old gear I’ve somehow managed to keep throughout the years. All tapes are second hand, and you’re likely to catch the last minutes of a random Disney movie (in Swedish) after our approx. 65 minutes of footage which is a nice bonus!

Contains :

* We Are The Legion (official video)
* Reptile (official video)
* Idiots (official video)
* Rust (official video)
* Live in Stockholm 2018
* Making of “Reptile”
* Idiots (bloopers & outtakes)

This first edition is limited to 35 copies, they’re hand-numbered and made with lots of love & passion. The sound is in stereo, and we have both PAL & NTSC versions available. VHS ain’t dead yet!


Crashdïet‘s “Videos In The Rust (First ever VHS release)” promo video: