Crashdiet Releasing ‘Shattered Glass And Broken Bones’ DVD

Crashdiet Releasing ‘Shattered Glass And Broken Bones’ DVD

November 8, 2012

The brand new Crashdiet DVD ‘Shattered Glass And Broken Bones’ has arrived, featuring over three hours and 20 minutes of live and backstage footage from the ‘Generation wild World Tour’.

This amazing DVD is filmed between 2009-2012 and covers everything from the departure the of vocalist Olliver Twisted to the first auditions with Simon Cruz to the making of the ‘Generation Wild’ album and much, much more. The live footage includes multi-camara pro-shots as well as fan-submitted videos from around the world.

If you pre-order the DVD now at you’ll have it delivered before Christmas as the DVD starts shipping on December 4th.

Crashdiet recently completed recording the follow-up to 2010’s ‘Generation Wild’, set for release in early 2013. A pre-order campaign, that ended in October, saw the band sell over 1,000 copies of the upcoming album.

‘Shattered Glass And Broken Bones’ track listing:
01. Down With The Dust (live)
02. The Splits
03. Simon
04. Native Nature (live)
05. Queen Obscene (live)
06. First Taste Of Despair
07. Time To Record
08. Armageddon (live)
09. A Change Of Plans
10. So alive (live)
11. Videoshoot
12. Generation Wild (music video)
13. Rebel (live)
14. Album release
15. Save Her (live)
16. Random Madness I
17. Riot In Everyone
18. Random Madness II
19. Chemical (live)
20. Random Madness III
21. Breakin’ The Chains (live)
22. Random Madness IV
23. It’s A Miracle (live)
24. Random Madness V
25. In The Raw (live)
26. Random Madness VI
27. Generation Wild (live)

Extras Unplugged:
01. Breakin’ The chainz
02. Queen Obsene
03. Down With The Dust
04. So Alive
05. It’s A Miracle
06. Native Nature
07. Bound To Fall
08. Chemical
09. Beautiful Pain

1. Anarchy (live)
2. Rebel (Live)
3. Down With The Dust (music video)
4. Hollywood Teaze (music video)

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