Crashdiet Revisit The Past With ‘Illegal Rarities Volume 1’

Crashdiet Revisit The Past With ‘Illegal Rarities Volume 1’

February 25, 2014

Since it’s been around 10 years since Crashdiet recorded their first demo, the Swedish sleaze band have decided to re-release it as a limited edition digipack CD called ‘Illegal Rarities Volume 1’. The album will be limited to 999 copies and is available for purchase exclusively at

Crashdiet guitarist Martin Sweet has revisited the old original Cubase projects recorded in his home with former vocalist Dave Lepard, bassist Peter London and drummer Eric Young in Hallonbergen, Stockholm back in 2003. With enhanced sound and three bonus tracks not included on the original demo — “Get Ready For Tonite”, “Within The Sleaze”, and “Too Hot To Stop” — Crashdiet take you back to a time when they were young and destroyed on ‘Illegal Rarities Volume 1’.

“We are extremely proud over this release. It’s been demanded by fans for years and we’re so happy to finally have pulled it off,” said London.

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