Crashdïet to release video footage, demos and unreleased songs via Patreon “fan page”

Crashdïet to release video footage, demos and unreleased songs via Patreon “fan page”

Swedish sleaze rockers Crashdïet consisting of guitarist Martin Sweet, bassist Peter London, drummer Eric Young and lead vocalist Gabriel Keyes have come up with a way to make some money during these unprecedented times of “social distancing” due to the COVID-19 Virus pandemic.

The following message was posted in part via Crashdïet‘s Newsletter (with slight edits):

“Considering the amount of e-mails mentioning covid19 from all kinds of random businesses lately (“Hi, you bought a screwdriver from us 16 years ago – this is how we handle the corona virus”) I’m definitely not gonna go into depth there – but I do want to mention that I sincerely hope you’ve kept safe & healthy during these crazy times.

For my part, I’m staying at my office in full isolation mode, finally able to finish projects that have been on standby for way too long, so over here it’s not bad at all ;).

We’ve launched a Patreon page and I’d like to share the story behind this. We’ve always been good at documenting what we do, but we haven’t been sure what to do with all of it, especially the footage that might lack a bit of quality haha. Music-wise, I know Martin has an insane amount of demos and unreleased songs from all Crashdïet eras. We’re aware this stuff holds value and people want to see & hear it, and last year the idea to put it all on Patreon was born.

My previous attempts to collect all this material at our own website have failed miserably – it’s cool to build your own platforms for stuff but it’s a lot more work involved, and since Patreon already have a solution ready it became the natural choice. Another fact is that to be able to devote enough time to properly maintaining a project like this we obviously need at least a little bit of cash from it, that’s simply how the world works.

So please – feel free to visit and check out the different tiers. The page has been online for less than 24 hours so your thoughts and feedback on this is extremely valuable. I’ve been staring at this page for so long I’m not sure what I’m doing anymore, haha.

Hope to hear from you!


Peter London, Crashdïet & Diet Records