Crazy Lixx about to start recording seventh studio album

Crazy Lixx about to start recording seventh studio album

Great news for fans of Swedish rockers Crazy Lixx as the band consisting of lead vocalist Danny Rexon, guitarists Jens Lundgren and Chris Olsson, bassist Jens Anderson and drummer Joél Cirera is scheduled to enter a studio to record its seventh studio album.

The following message was posted in part on Crazy Lixx‘s Facebook page earlier today:


Let’s not get into what a year it has been, but for one it did give us some time to work on a lot of new music. There has been some talking about a new album, and yes, we are just about to enter the studio and start the recording of what will be our seventh studio album!

We also have a lot of shows booked for 2021 and we hope they will all proceed as planned. Either way, you’ll be updated here on our page.

We want to wish you all the best of times during the holidays! Be safe and follow your local restrictions so we can all party together when everything gets back to normal – If it was ever normal in the first place…


Chrisse, Jens, Danny, Jens & Joél

Crazy Lixx have always been very popular amongst Sleaze Roxx readers since their six studio albums have finished in the Sleaze Roxx Readers’ Top 20 Albums of the Year with Loud Minority ending up at #3 in 2007, New Religion at #6 in 2010, Riot Avenue at #4 in 2012Crazy Lixx at #4 in 2014 , Ruff Justice at #5 in 2017 and Forever Wild at #3 in 2019. New Religion also finished a #12 on the Sleaze Roxx’s Top 12 Albums of The Decade (2010-2019).

Crazy Lixx‘s “Break Out” video (from Forever Wild album):