Crazy Lixx decide to continue and are looking for two new guitarists

Crazy Lixx decide to continue and are looking for two new guitarists

It has been a crazy two weeks or so for Sweden’s sleaze rockers Crazy Lixx. On August 8th, the band announced via its website that it was parting ways with both guitarists, Edd Liam and Andy Zäta.

Five days later on August 13th and when asked why he thought the band’s future was at stake, Crazy Lixx‘s frontman Danny Rexon indicated to Sleaze Roxx in an exclusive interview: “I do agree it comes down to “just” finding two new guitarists and keep going but there’s a lot of work involved with this too. And in the end, it has to feel right from a personal and professional standpoint to work. But sure, I don’t want to totally write off the possibility that we can find new guys that will fit in like a glove. It’s also the case of how the community of fans, agents and media will accept the new situation. I wouldn’t be interested in doing a lot of work in finding new guitar players just to start all over from scratch with the band, playing small clubs and selling 1,000 album copies if that is to be the case. It may sound arrogant but I just don’t think I would be able to put my soul into it if we’d have to take a lot of steps back first and depending on how long it will take to get back on track, that might be a reality. The music community can be quite cruel in that respect. But maybe that’s just me feeling a bit pessimistic right now.”

One week later on August 20th, Crazy Lixx officially announced that they were looking for two new guitarists. The band posted the following announcement on its website: “After massive fan support and extensive discussions within Crazy Lixx, the band has decided to give it another shot and try to find new band members to fill the guitarist spots after Andy and Edd. ‘We’ve still got requests from promoters wanting to book shows and we’ve had a lot of stuff pending since the member situation has been uncertain for quite a while. We really feel we owe it to ourselves and our fans to at least look at the possibilities of putting together a new version of Crazy Lixx to get back in the game – and the first crucial step is to find new guitar players.’ – says lead singer Danny Rexon.

If you’re interested in applying please send an e-mail to with a short presentation and a link to a video clip of you playing (and singing if you know how to), preferably, but not necessarily, a Crazy Lixx song. One or more of the skills and talents below are sought after: Rhythm guitar playing, Lead guitar playing, Lead and/or backing vocal singing, Studio and recording experience, Live performance, stage and touring experience, Lyrics and song writing. If this sounds like you or someone you know, don’t hesitate to send us your application. We’ll look through each and every one but for practical reasons we won’t be able to answer each applicant personally. If we’re interested in letting you audition we’ll get in touch.

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