Crazy Lixx may have finalized new line-up before end of year

Crazy Lixx may have finalized new line-up before end of year

By now, everyone should be familiar with Swedish rock veteran Crazy Lixx‘s dilemma in the last few months of whether to continue the band or not with the departure of both guitarists, Edd Liam and Andy Zäta, and the group’s decision to forge ahead and recruit two new guitarists.

Crazy Lixx CD coverAfter Crazy Lixx‘s announcement regarding the departure of their two guitarists, Sleaze Roxx had received an exclusive interview in August 2015 with frontman Danny Rexon who candidly revealed the group’s concerns about going forward when he stated, “I do agree it comes down to “just” finding two new guitarists and keep going but there’s a lot of work involved with this too. And in the end, it has to feel right from a personal and professional standpoint to work. But sure, I don’t want to totally write off the possibility that we can find new guys that will fit in like a glove. It’s also the case of how the community of fans, agents and media will accept the new situation. I wouldn’t be interested in doing a lot of work in finding new guitar players just to start all over from scratch with the band, playing small clubs and selling 1,000 album copies if that is to be the case. It may sound arrogant but I just don’t think I would be able to put my soul into it if we’d have to take a lot of steps back first and depending on how long it will take to get back on track, that might be a reality. The music community can be quite cruel in that respect. But maybe that’s just me feeling a bit pessimistic right now.”

Five days after Sleaze Roxx’s interview, Crazy Lixx made an announcement that they had elected to continue and would begin their search to find two replacement guitarists.

Today, Crazy Lixx made the following announcement via Facebook, which is self-explanatory:

“We’re currently in the process of rehearsing a new live set with two new guys, who, if everything goes well, will hopefully be our future guitar players. We can’t tell you much about them at the moment other than that they’re both swedish with a past in the swedish hard rock / sleaze metal scene.

If everything works out the way we hope, we should be able to present a new Crazy Lixx line up before the end of the year.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has applied for the guitarist positions and all you fans who spread the word to help us find new members.

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Crazy Lixx are considered by many along with Hardcore Superstar to be the catalyst that has brought a resurgence in the sleaze rock genre back to the forefront in Sweden. Sleaze Roxx stated in its review of Crazy Lixx‘s last self-titled album: “Crazy Lixx appear to have painted themselves into a corner. On one hand you have fans who want a return to their slickly produced New Religion sound and on the other are listeners who prefer the stripped-down Riot Avenue approach. How does Crazy Lixx address this dilemma? It’s simple really; they incorporate elements of both and unleash the pinnacle of their career in the form of a self-titled album.”

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