Crazy Lixx probably would not have continued if they didn’t already have Jens Lundgren back in 2015

Crazy Lixx probably would not have continued if they didn’t already have Jens Lundgren back in 2015

Crazy Lixx drummer Joey Cirera was recently interviewed by Russia’s Good Times Rock and discussed how the band thought of calling it quits after losing its two guitarists, Edd Liam and Andy Zäta, back in August 2015.

Good Times Rock noted that when Crazy Lixx lost their two guitarists, frontman Danny Rexon was very skeptical about the future of the band. Rexon had indicated to Sleaze Roxx in an interview back in August 2015: “I do agree it comes down to “just” finding two new guitarists and keep going but there’s a lot of work involved with this too. And in the end, it has to feel right from a personal and professional standpoint to work. But sure, I don’t want to totally write off the possibility that we can find new guys that will fit in like a glove. It’s also the case of how the community of fans, agents and media will accept the new situation. I wouldn’t be interested in doing a lot of work in finding new guitar players just to start all over from scratch with the band, playing small clubs and selling 1,000 album copies if that is to be the case. It may sound arrogant but I just don’t think I would be able to put my soul into it if we’d have to take a lot of steps back first and depending on how long it will take to get back on track, that might be a reality. The music community can be quite cruel in that respect. But maybe that’s just me feeling a bit pessimistic right now.”

Cirera was asked by Good Times Rock whether there was a moment when the band was close to being put on ice to which he replied: “Oh yes. Very much so. I´m pretty sure that if we had not Jens Lundgren already, more or less, in the band we would probably not continue. We had a long talk and we said that we should give it one last go and thankfully we did.”

In terms of finding new guitarists, Chrisse Olsson and Jens Lundgren, Cirera advised: “We were VERY lucky. Both of them live in the same town or nearby and we knew Jens from before, he had helped us at two shows earlier that year, and we did not really know anything about Chrisse but he came in and did a wonderful job. Just listen to those guys play! You can tell they are really gifted musicians. You have to be a good musician but also we have a good chemistry in the band now.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Joel Cirera at Good Times Rock.

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