Crazy Lixx release video for song “Hunter Of The Heart”

Crazy Lixx release video for song “Hunter Of The Heart”

Swedish sleaze rockers Crazy Lixx have released a video for their song “Hunter Of The Heart” from their new studio album Ruff Justice, which was released earlier this year.

Sleaze Roxx writer Metal Mike stated the following in his review of Ruff Justice:

“Thanks to Sleaze Roxx, my introduction to this Swedish band was in 2010 with New Religion. I absolutely loved that album, as I did with the follow-up Riot Avenue in 2012. These guys rock the sleaze and provide that base with a new sound for this decade.

Ruff Justice continues in the same vein, but with different capabilities. New Religion and Riot Avenue were solid records, to be sure. Ruff Justice differentiates itself by going even more ’80s based, using harmonic vocals and melodic guitar lines throughout similar to Danger Danger, or maybe Mr. Big.”

Specifically with regard to the song “Hunger For The Heart”, Sleaze Roxx stated: Wow! “Hunter Of The Heart” is a really good rock song and a blast from classic Ratt maybe. I’m loving it.”

Crazy Lixx‘s “Hunter Of The Heart” video:

Crazy Lixx – “Hunter of the Heart” (Official Music Video)

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