Crazy Lixx Sign With Frontiers Records


October 13, 2009

Crazy Lixx sign with Frontiers Records (Journey, Toto, Danger Danger, Thunder, Winger).

Crazy Lixx Sign With Frontiers RecordsCrazy Lixx will enter the studio to record the follow-up album to the 2007 debut album Loud Minority starting this saturday the 17:th of October. As with the previous album, the yet untitled follow-up will be recorded at Polar Studios in Stockholm along with producer Chris Laney (Europe, Crashdiet, Candlemass). The album, set for release during spring 2010, will be the first release through Crazy Lixx’ new label Frontiers.

“We are extremely happy to have sealed this co-operation with Frontiers and we’ve got a really great album on the way so naturally we hope this will be a great leap forward in our career”, says lead singer Danny Rexon.

The band has spent all of 2008 writing material for the new album and now picked out a dozen hard rock gems (out of over the double amont of songs written) to be recorded. – “We set out with one goal, and that was to beat the living s**t out of Loud Minority with these new songs, and If you ask me, we’ve beaten it black and blue. I can’t wait to get these new songs recorded!

The new album will feature titles such as:
Witching Hour, Children of the Cross, Rock and a Hard Place and 21 ’til I Die (just to name a few).

“We’ll try our best to keep you guys updated with news and video clips from the studio so check out the official homepage ( regularly.”

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