Crazy Lixx to unveil new band members in two days

Crazy Lixx to unveil new band members in two days

Crazy Lixx photoBack in early August 2015, Crazy Lixx made the surprise announcement that both of their guitarists — Edd Liam and Andy Zäta — were leaving the sleaze rock group. After some debating on whether to continue or not, Crazy Lixx elected to start the search for two new guitarists. A little over two months ago, Crazy Lixx provided some good news in that the remaining three members of the band — singer Danny Rexon, drummer Joél Cirera and bassist Jens Sjöholm — were rehearsing with two new guitarists and were hoping to unveil their new line-up before the end of the year.

True to their word, Crazy Lixx will be unveiling their new band members at a show at Arena 305 in Malmö, Sweden on December 28, 2015, where a new video will be filmed.

In anticipation of the unveiling of their two new band members and upcoming gig, Crazy Lixx have just released a snippet of an unplugged performance that the band did at the Hard Rock Hell Festival in Wales, England in March, 2015.

HRH TV – Crazy Lixx Unplugged Performance at HRH United

Unplugged session with Crazy Lixx at HRH