CraZze release video for single “Don’t Forget To Live”

CraZze release video for single “Don’t Forget To Live”

Czech rockers CraZze consisting of lead vocalist / guitarist Flying Mike, bassist Marty Party and drummer Lord have released their debut video “Don’t Forget To Live.”

Back in late April 2019, bassist Marty Party spoke to Sleaze Roxx and explained how the band was formed. Party indicated: “Czech rock n roll band CraZze was formed in 2018 by two longtime friends — singer/guitarist Flying Mike and drummer Lord. They found bassist Marty Party and started play together.”

Marty Party‘s influences include KISS, The Dead Daisies, Led Zeppelin, W.A.S.P. and Mötley Crüe.

In terms of releasing a debut album in the future, Marty Party indicated: “We’d love to release EP in the near future.”

CraZze‘s “Don’t Forget To Live” video:

CraZze – Don’t Forget to Live

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