Cruella D’Ville Ready For ‘Showdown Tinsel Town’


March 3, 2008

Cruella D’ville are not just another L.A. style late 80’s, early 90’s band that were left behind in Kurt’s grunge shuffle. These guys had it all – the looks, the talent, the killer hooks; basically these guys had the X factor. Cruella’s sound was classic melodic hard rock with a tinge of sleaze for good measure. Cruella have a sound combining all the best L.A. elements but ultimately have a sound of their own. I usually like to give the fans a couple of comparisons to other bands but this one is tough. If I had to compare Cruella D’ville with someone else, I would say a cross between Shotgun Messiah and Skid Row. But as always, everyone will hear something different, so make sure to check out the sample track featured below.

Cruella’s D’ville’s album is due out in the next couple of weeks as everything is ready for press. The title of the upcoming album will be “Showdown In Tinsel Town”. Showdown In Tinsel Town comes with amazing artwork, 12-page booklet as well as being fully re-mastered. The first 4 tracks off Showdown In Tinsel Town were produced by Keith Collins of Savatage.

Now to what you’ve all been waiting for, the opening track off Showdown In Tinsel Town entitled “Room Without A View” (listen here)

Cruella D'ville

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