Cruizzen Taking A ‘Free Ride’ This December

Cruizzen Taking A ‘Free Ride’ This December

November 11, 2014

The new Cruizzen album ‘Free Ride’ will be released on December, with pre-orders beginning on November 21st through Pure Rock Records’ webshop at

After releasing their debut ‘Hellrocker’ in 2006, the Bavarian rockers took some time off — but now they are back with their new album ‘Free Ride’.

The five guys offer thirteen new songs of flawless rock ‘n’ roll on ‘Free Ride’ — with some roots from Down Under included. Catchy riffs, raw whiskey-soaked vocals similar to those of Brian Johnson, and a driving rhythm section, gives Cruizzen an AC/DC touch. The title track however, with some slide guitar, plays tribute to the legendary Rose Tattoo while “It’s Over” has a bit of a Guns N’ Roses vibe. But the organic and powerful sound also offers some small metal influences too, as the six-strings show some Iron Maiden touches here and there.

Even with those big names mentioned, the Bavarians have their own sound — extraordinary hard rock ‘n’ roll.

‘Free Ride’ track listing:
01. Soundmaker
02. Rock And Roll Generator
03. Crazy Dayzz
04. Straight Down Dirt
05. Heaven Can Wait
06. Touch Of Evil
07. Free Ride
08. Trouble
09. It’s Over
10. Lipstick On My Pillow
11. Sparkplugs Blowing
12. Love Is A Sweet Torment
13. Time

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