Cyanide Offering A ‘Lethal Dose’ On January 27th

Cyanide Offering A ‘Lethal Dose’ On January 27th

January 13, 2015

Las Vegas’ own Cyanide will release their debut album ‘Lethal Dose’ worldwide on January 27th, followed by a CD release party bash at Count’s Vamp’d in Las Vegas on Saturday, January 31st.

Cyanide is here to bring back the glory days of heavy metal and to party like it’s 1987. For fans of Motley Crue, Van Halen, Def Leppard, KISS, Ratt and Guns N’ Roses, their eleven song debut ‘Lethal Dose’ is full of high octane, sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll fueled tracks.

From the up-tempo opener “Bitches To Blame” to the sleazy album closer “Whole ‘Lotta Trouble” (dedicated to the legendary Sherri’s Ranch in Pahrump, Nevada), ‘Lethal Dose’ brings back the spirit and attitude of classics like ‘Too Fast For Love’, ‘High ‘N Dry’, ‘Out Of The Cellar’ and ‘Appetite for Destruction’. The disc is currently available for purchase directly from the band at

Vocalist Rob Hussey, guitarist Marc Andrews, bassist David Karr, drummer Ryan Gillan, and on live back-up vocals Miranda Trenholm, have created a timeless hard rock album that has been sorely missing in this world of computerized auto tune drivel. Tracks like “Drinkin'”, “Pump It To Me” (featuring John Zito of Count’s 77 on slide guitar), “Lookin’ For A Good Time”, first single “What Comes Around Goes Around” and the classic power ballad “It’s A Long Road”, prove this band has what it takes to take ’80s hard rock into the next generation.

Cyanide has wowed audiences with their original songs as well as spot on covers like “Queen Of The Reich”, “Ten Seconds To Love”, and even obscure classics like Kix’s “Girl Money”, while opening for such legends as Skid Row, Stephen Pearcy of Ratt, BulletBoys, Black ‘N Blue, Tuff, Femme Fatale, Cheap Thrill and more.

Now with the release of ‘Lethal Dose’, Cyanide is poised to take the next stop from local phenom to national sensation.

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