D-A-D Live On Rockland Radio


April 26, 2009

On Monday (April 27th) the complete show with D-A-D and Der W (Stephan Weidner) in Frankfurt will be aired live on Rockland Radio (www.rockland.de).

The show starts at 8 pm with a short hello from the host. There will also be a short interview, but the rest of the D-A-D set will be brought live, all in all 30-35 minutes.

Cobber will play Ein Lied fur meinen Sohn” together with Stephan, as he did on his album. They have played this song every night on the tour and will do it again in Frankfurt. The concert at Ballsporthalle is the last one with Der W, but D-A-D will perform one day later at the Cocoon Club in Frankfurt. And – they will be back in Germany in September!

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.d-a-d.dk