D-A-D Releases “Monster Philosophy” In Germany, Austria And Switzerland


November 18, 2008

Danish #1 rock band D-A-D releases “Monster Philosophy” in Germany, Austria and Switzerland via 3R Entertainment

3R is very proud to welcome Denmarks #1 rock band in their artist roster and announce the release date of their album “Monster Philosophy”. The album will be in stores from November 21th on and contains one exclusive bonus track (House Of Fun).

That the band is still around in 2008 is a proof for their ongoing will to cross genre borders and present their own definition of what we call – to make it short and simple – rock. Now D-A-D are back with their 10th studio album “Monster Philosophy” on which the fourpiece collects 14 songs (including the bonus track House of Fun) between “straight forward rocker” (“Revolution”, “Beautiful Together”, “Nightmares In The Daytime”) and “lean back material” (“I am the river”, “Milk and Honey”). But it wouldn’t be a D-A-D record if there weren’t tunes that make the band that unique. “Nightstalker”, “Money Always Takes The Place Of Life” or the title track “Monster Philosophy” are both never heard before and typical D-A-D songs. As usual, there is so much to discover in between, that it’s nearly impossible to sum the whole album up in one sentence.

Anyway, we should give it a try:”Monster Philosophy unites in 14 songs what D-A-D stood for over the last 25 years.” Maybe that’s the way to speak about the album.


Courtesy of www.d-a-d.com