D-A-D Releasing 30th Anniversary Greatest Hits Album

D-A-D Releasing 30th Anniversary Greatest Hits Album

January 7, 2014

Legendary Danish rockers D-A-D will be celebrating their 30th anniversary this March.

In order to get the festivities off to a good start, the band will be releasing a double album called ‘DAD303030’ on January 28th that contains their 30 biggest hits. The tracklist spans the band’s entire career from their debut 1985 EP ‘Standin’ On The Never Never’ to their latest studio album, 2011’s ‘DIC.NII.LAN.DAFT.ERD.ARK’.

All orders of ‘DAD303030’ placed through www.d-a-d.dk before January 12th will be personally singed by the members of D-A-D.

D-A-D will continue their anniversary celebrations by playing 30 club shows in Denmark beginning on January 28th , followed by 30 club shows in Europe.

In a recent chat through their website, D-A-D frontman Jesper Binzer confirmed that the band is working on new material by stating, “We start rehearsing and composing 3rd of January, so we wanna bring 3-5 new songs out on the road this summer… and wanna record in the fall.”

‘DAD303030’ track listing:

Disc One:
01. Marlboro Man
02. Call of the Wild
03. Riding With Sue
04. It’s After Dark
05. Isn’t That Wild
06. I Won’t Cut My Hair
07. Black Crickets
08. Sleeping My Day Away
09. Jihad
10. Point of View
11. Girl Nation
12. Bad Craziness
13. Grow or Pay
14. Laugh and a 1/2
15. Reconstrucdead

Disc Two:
01. Naked (But Still Strippin’)
02. Empty Heads
03. Home Alone 4
04. Hate To Say I Told You So
05. Everything Glows
06. Nineteenhundredandyesterday
07. Something Good
08. Evil Twin
09. Soft Dogs
10. Scare Yourself
11. Lawrence of Surburbia
12. Monster Philosophy
13. A New Age Moving In
14. I Want What She’s Got
15. We All Fall Down

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