D-A-D Working On New Album, Studio Footage Posted Online

D-A-D Working On New Album, Studio Footage Posted Online

September 16, 2011

Denmark’s D-A-D are working on the follow-up to their 2008 album ‘Monster Philosphy’. D.A.D Leaks has come in possession of recent video footage, shot secretly through a pizza box, by an employee from a take out delivery service, in Copenhagen, September 12th 2011.

The clip shows vocalist Jesper Binzer, in a recording session, working onwhat might be a track for an upcoming album, scheduled to release within a very near future.

On September 16th a slightly remodeled edition of D-A-D’s 2008 album ‘Monster Philosophy’ was released. Besides a small cover editing, the reissued ‘Monster Philosophy’ contains “31 Days”, a demo from the ‘Monster Philosophy’ sessions recorded back in 2008. All in all the exclusive gatefold vinyl edition of the album will contain 15 songs on two heavy vinyls!

D-A-D began playing together in the early 1980s in Copenhagen, Denmark, under their original band name Disneyland After Dark.

D-A-D released their first EP in 1985 and has now been together for more than twenty years, with only one change in the lineup, as Laust Sonne replaced former drummer Peter Lundholm Jensen in 1999. The band released their 10th album, ‘Monster Philosophy’, on November 10, 2008.

When the group made their international breakthrough in 1989, they had to change the band name to D.A.D. to avoid an impending lawsuit from the Walt Disney Company. In 1995, the “spelling” changed to D:A:D, to make it more obvious that it was an abbreviation. Finally in 2000, the band story became one of advanced punctuation as the spelling was changed to the more internet-friendly D-A-D.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and d-a-d.com