Daisy Of ‘Bret Michaels Rock Of Love 2’ Gets Her Own Show


October 13, 2008

Well, it may not have worked out with Bret, but that just means there’s more Daisy for the rest of us. That’s right, Daisy DeLaHoya, that rambunctious Rocker from Rock of Love 2 is back with her own show and is seeking her soulmate. Since there’s such a wealth of qualified eligible bachelors out there, we wanted to open up the casting to the web….so here we are! One lucky hopeful will be voted onto the show by site users…so the choice is in your hands!

Get going and create a hopeful profile and you’ll be in the running for a spot on the show. If you just want to help make the call, sign up as a voter and start dishing out some votes!

Be sure to check out the site requirements below so you can be sure to remain in the running for as long as possible.

Good luck, and rock on!

Daisy Of Love Overview

Contestants in the “Daisy of Love” online casting audition will be required to upload a mixture of videos, photos and short essays about themselves to convince the public to vote them onto the show. The online audition will be divided into three rounds:

Round 1 – The Come On (October 3 – November 14)
Round 2 – The Second Date (November 15 – December 5)
Round 3 – Sealing the Deal (December 6 – December 12)

Daisy Of Love Round Details

Round 1 – The Come On (10/3 – 11/14)

Open call, all submissions accepted until the end of the day on 11/14.

80% remain after first round, based on votes from site users.

   – Upload at least 1 video which covers the following:
           A bit about yourself. Who are you? Name, age, occupation, hometown, etc.
           Tell Daisy why you think you’d be an ideal match for her
           The first time you saw Daisy, what about her was most striking?
   – Profile Requirements:
           Upload at least 3 photos of yourself (one must be a clear headshot).
           Write at least 1 blog entry detailing your best and most attractive qualities.

Round 2 – The Second Date (11/15 – 12/5)

10 users remain after second round. 5 of these will be the top vote getters based on overall vote count, the other 5 ‘wild cards’ will be selected individually by the Producers regardless of vote count…so it’s still anyone’s game!

   – Upload at least 1 new video which describes the circumstances surrounding your most recent break up. What happened? How did you deal with it? Show your sensitive side!
   – Write at least 1 blog entry listing 3 things you love and 3 things you loathe about the opposite sex and why.

Round 3 – Sealing the Deal (12/6 – 12/12)

The number one top vote getter from Final 10 (who meets eligibility requirements) will get a spot on the show

   – Upload at least 1 new video introducing a loved one to Daisy and the Daisy of Love community. This can be a family member, a close friend, or even a pet! Explain how you met (or how you’re related) and why they’re so important to you.
   – Write at least one blog entry where you’ll make your final plea for votes from the community! Restate your case….why would Daisy want you? Why would you be compelling to watch compete? Explain why you deserve the public’s vote!

Daisy Of Love

Courtesy of daisyoflovecasting.com