Damon Kelly issues statement to address allegations of him ripping off Love N Revenge investors

Damon Kelly issues statement to address allegations of him ripping off Love N Revenge investors

Love N Revenge frontman Damon Kelly has issued a statement to address the allegations that he has ripped off people that invested in his band. Metal Sludge had posted an article titled CON ARTIST ALERT … Husband and Wife allege Love N’ Revenge’s Damon Kelly scammed them of $30,000┬áback on December 11, 2019. A GoFundMe campaign was later started to help the husband in question (Jim Turney) recover the $30,000 that he allegedly lost.

The following message was posted on Love N Revenge‘s Facebook page earlier today with the first two paragraphs (with caps removed) seemingly posted by the Facebook page’s administrator:

“Here is Damon Kelly‘s bullshit “statement” that he sent to me to post to everyone.

He is full of lies, please no one believe him, he still owes lots of people money – and has not sorted anything to pay anyone back.

To address the allegations posted all over social media I’d like to firstly state that things get blown way out of control and this is the reason why I have temporarily deactivated my fb account and I’m blocked on MY band page while someone i dont even know controls it.

I’ve spent my entire life loving and believing in music and it’s the only thing on the planet that can make me breathe with its powerful healing and emotion. Writing songs releasing albums and playing live is my sole purpose here on earth. I believe in rock n roll and I believe in the music I write. Unfortunately due to the lack of anything real in the music industry I’ve had to resort to financing my project through unconventional lending sources and working to make it all a reality. I don’t have the luxury of support from a record label, agent, management team or anyone to take a band around the world releasing records and touring. Im the guy. Yes i have had to stick my neck out and put my dick in a vice and do everything it took to make this all happen.

Yes I did borrow funds from my friend Jim Turney by contract and have had help from others. I’m not denying any of it. Lenders are believers and if they couldn’t afford to be involved then they shouldn’t have. I didn’t put a gun to anyone’s head so why should I get stabbed in the back. I’ve got balls the size of Europe to do what I’m doing and I work my nutsack off for it. This isn’t good times but I have a vision and I will be one of the biggest pure guitar driven melodic arena rock bands on the planet. NOBODY IS GETTING RIPPED OFF! When things go sideways I simply need a little more time. People in this world on social media love to blast out the shit but never the entire truth. When I’m not on road in music or recording I’m driving a 120 ft Super B hauling logs up in northern Alberta or Saskatchewan workin 18-24 hr shifts to keep the fire lit. That’s where I do majority of my songwriting actually. This ain’t no rockstar sob story this is reality… I AM thee most driven dedicated passionate hard working muther f***er you will ever see on stage off stage at work in life etc.

Most of all I never run and hide so that metal sludge can be shoved you know where. I’m not taking music this far to screw people over and hurt anyone and for any pain I have caused anyone i truly am sorry from the bottom of my heart and soul. Instead of crying your story hiding behind fb antics how about talk directly to me! Everyone is a tough talker and slammer on social media. I didn’t hit front cover of a Hollywood Magazine tour around North America release 3 albums tour and play arenas and festivals with the biggest legends in rock put my stamp on global arena rock today etc etc cuz I’m an idiot. I believe in rock n roll and what I’m doing. The music biz today is extremely challenging and it’s too bad the digital era radio djs live venues the economy etc have made it literally impossible to make it to the top. So I’m trying to make the impossible possible and will.

Wanna talk truth? Ya there’s another side to all these fb comments /posts and alot of truth I could say about everyone of these people as well but I won’t stoop down to that level. Any more bullshit keeps happening I will start slingin mud right back on all the two faced backstabbers that were my friends and bandmates that scurry and hide like church mice when shit gets real but brags about their band (my band) when we’re out on the road playing arenas and festivals with the biggest names in the biz. I’m here to stay and deal with it all. I am real.

I truly am sorry for any pain that I have caused and I assure every one of you that in the next immediate few months I will have all this cleared up in full and Love N Revenge will be releasing the 4th album that will stand the test of time and in fact will skyrocket my project to the top. Just wait til you hear LNR 2020!

Please direct all business and any inquiries to lnrinfo2020@gmail.com

Happy holidays to one and all.”