Dance Laury Dance release video for single “B.R.U.H.” from upcoming new album ‘C’est Ça’

Dance Laury Dance release video for single “B.R.U.H.” from upcoming new album ‘C’est Ça’

French Canadian rockers Dance Laury Dance consisting of lead vocalist Max Lemire, bassist Harry, guitarists Phil Lemire and Etienne Villeneuve, and drummer Alex Lap have released a video for their new single “B.R.U.H.” from their upcoming new studio album C’est Ça, which will be available as of September 11, 2020. Dance Laury Dance‘s new record features French song titles all in French and presumably French lyrics. The group has previously released the albums Out With Rockers EP (2009), Living For The Roll (2011), Hellalujah (2014) and Laser Shark EP (2016), most of which are available for purchase on the band’s Bandcamp page.

Track List for C’est Ça:
01. Demi Smoke
02. Né Pour Parde
03. B.R.U.H.
04. Encore Une Nuit Sans Journée
05. Comme Sylvain
06. Mort À La Gamique
07. Vivre dans Une Autre Ville
08. La Route Est Longue En Tabarnak
09. Détruire
10. Vampiro Obscuro
11. Call Le Gars

The band’s “Biography” on its Facebook page indicates (with slight edits): “Urban Troubadours of craft, the five guys of Dance Laury Dance are the pinnacle of pleasure. In a pirouette of contagious happiness, the jovial orchestra joyfully delivers invigorating refrains, sowing exaltation and cheerfulness wherever they pose their brown leather sandals and woolen ponchos. With cool guitars, frivolous drums and a reassuring bass, the music of this group of comrades marvelously conveys the delicate and committed message of the post-modern poet Max Lemire. A Dance Laury Dance concert is a moment of tenderness, a remarkable encounter, a “green tea & chamomile” break in our frantic lives, a breath of happiness between two sips of joy.”

Dance Laury Dance‘s “B.R.U.H.” video (from the upcoming album C’est Ça):

Dance Laury Dance‘s “Living For The Roll” video (from the Living For The Roll album):