Danger Angel Part Ways With Vocalist

Danger Angel Part Ways With Vocalist

April 6, 2014

After more than four years together Danger Angel have decided to part ways with vocalist M.T.

“It has been 4.5 beautiful years… We had fun times, we had rough times, we did a wonderful album together and we have been a real family — with its ups and downs like any normal family. But it is now time to take our separate ways,” ” said Danger Angel is a press release. “From this day, M.T. is no longer the singer for Danger Angel. Both M.T. and the band decided that this is the best way to go in order to reach our mutual goals. Needless to say, M.T. is still and always be family and the band wishes him the best and we will surely meet again out there.”

Danger Angel’s latest album and first with M.T., 2013’s ‘Revolutia’, was released through Perris Records. Sleaze Roxx said “Revolutia appears to have been unearthed in a time capsule from 1988, re-mastered and re-released in 2013. Everything you could ever want from a truly flashback-inspired sound is right here.” ‘Revolutia’ was recorded in Athens, Greece with producer Jeff Scott Soto and was mixed and mastered by Soto’s long time producer John Ellis at the Prism Sound Studios in Boston, MA, USA. The album is available for purchase at www.perrisrecords.com and www.dangerangelband.com.

Danger Angel came together in 2006 and between then and the time of their debut album release in 2010, they managed to become a force to be reckoned with in the Greek hard rock scene. While the first album was a success and the band was more than happy with it, the changes in the line-up and the evolution in the band’s music brought a distinct change in the sound of Danger Angel when they started working on their new material. Their need for a new sound that would express their spirit and influences, and the necessity of a more contemporary music image to keep up with what was going around them, made them look for something different.

This difference they elected to illustrate by bringing on board Jeff Scott Soto as the producer to help orientate the new sound and musical approach, who in turn brought along his long-time producer John Ellis for the mixing and mastering. This new collective brought together what is now ‘Revolutia’. Not only a new album by a band that broke the borders of their country to look for something more but also the depiction of a life-situation that burdens the lives of all of the band members, their friends and families and millions of people around the world. With songs about love and hate, about dead ends and new opportunities, about turmoil and protest, about loss and confusion, about life and death situations and about what makes us human, ‘Revolutia’ has something for each and every one out there.

This is an album that deals with everyday life and everyday life is hard. So is this album. Sometimes dark, sometimes melancholic and sometimes angry and desperate, it is also loving and optimistic at its core. ‘Revolutia’ is Danger Angel’s statement on their music, their lives and their future.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com