Dangerous Toys Added To South Texas Rock Fest


February 7, 2009

South Texas RockFest is happy to announce that those bad ass mothers from Texas, DANGEROUS TOYS, have been added to Saturday at the 2009 STRF! The South Texas Rock Fest takes place May 22 to 24th at San Antonio, Texas. Tickets can be purchased at www.southtexasrockfest.com.

About Dangerous Toys:
Formed in Austin, Texas, Oct of 87, when guitarist Tim Trembly (who wrote the lyrics to “Teasn” and “Outlaw” on the debut release) asked Watchtower singer Jason McMaster to help out with some dates that he and band mates (guitarist Scott Dalhover, Mike Watson on bass, and drummer Mark Geary) had booked on the current calendar and didnt want to cancel, as they seemed to have misplaced their singer. The band was at the time called Onyxx.

Enter McMaster, and the same guitars, bass, and drums, and you get the souped up version, Dangerous Toys. By spring 1988, the band had signed with Columbia records. Exit Tim Trembly-guitar, and enter Danny Aaron guitar (2).

The self titled release, produced by Max Norman (Ozzy-Blizzard of Oz, Diary of a Madman; Loudness-Lightning Strikes; Megadeth-Countdown to Extinction) was released May 9, 1989….Also song “Demon Bell,” written by the band along with Desmond Child (Kiss,Bon Jovi) and included on 1990’s Wes Craven Horror film “Shocker,” (the band’s first and only soundtrack release).

Then… a sophmore effort in 1991 brought forth the title Hellacious Acres (produced by Roy Thomas Baker-Queen, Journey, Cheap Trick, The Cars). Add hard worldwide touring, with supporting slots for Judas Priest, Alice Cooper, Metal Church, Motorhead, L.A. Guns, Faster Pussycat, the Cult, Bonham, Accept, and too many others.. the self titled going gold, and creeping to platinum, with Hellacious Acres on its heels, the band seemed unstoppable.

By the end of 1992, exit Danny Aaron (2), and enter Kevin Fowler (3) (find on web www.kevinfowlerband.com). Fowler never recorded with the band, but completed a 200 date tour in 1993, restoring faith in bluesy, old school, heavy rock music throughout the states. This was at a time when labels were merging and downsizing, and following the mighty dollar bill, which seemed to blow the way of new styles of rock.

With the line-up change, the band had also asked to leave the current label (Sony music/Columbia records), making a wise and amicable split.. soon to be signed to the Austin based label DMZ/Dos-Antones Records with a new release called Pissed.

Exit Fowler on guitar… enter Dirty Looks (Atlantic Records) guitarist, Paul Lidel (4) in January 1994. With a new label, new guitarist, and new CD, another tour was inevitable.

Spring 1994 – exit bassist Mike Watson.. enter Salty Dog (Geffen Records) bassist, Michael Hannon (2). With Hannon coming to Texas to learn 18 songs and do a 200 date tour, the band, now angry and full of piss and vinegar, reached into 1995 and rocked harder than ever.

By summer of 1995, the band was writing material for a new release, which would become the Dangerous Toys fanbases’ least favorite. The band had undergone many changes. They had lost original members, becoming a four piece. McMaster had taken over bass duties, and was now a double duty onstage. They were faced with a scaled down punk rock style of touring with mainly headlining shows, as they no longer held big support slots with more popular selling acts. These factors changed things a bit for the show, and also the fans.Amid considerations of changing the name of the band, and also awareness of style changes (different music as well as lyrical writing) in the band, the altered line-up of remaining alumni-McMaster on vocals and bass, Dalhover on guitars, Geary on drums, and the bands fourth guitarist, Paul Lidel (who in fact had now been in the Toys line up for more than 12 months)… exposed this evolution in style with the release of the album Dangerous Toys – The R-tist 4-merly Known as Dangerous Toys (late 95). Another tour, yes, but not as extensive as before, as result of troubles at the label, as well as distribution.

Things slowed for the Toys, and reuinion fever had struck by way of an offer for an opening slot for old label mate Alice Cooper in Oct. 1999. This came right after the release of the first live album from the band Dangerous Toys – Vitamins and Crashhelmets Tour-Live Greatest Hits, as well as reissues of 1994’s Pissed, and 1995’s The R-tist 4Merly Known as Dangerous Toys (all three on indie Deadline/Cleopatra Records).

By 2001, the Toys had played 4 sold out shows in Austin and Tokyo, and added songs into the set that had never been played live. These shows included original bassist, Mike Watson, making it in the bands terms, “as original as the line-up could ever be with the long years Lidel has stuck with us.”

2003 brought another reunion blur in the way of an Austin meets Tokyo repeat, with many fans worldwide not letting the spirit that the band created ever die.

2005 – Boston based and Century Media Recording Artist- Shadows Fall cover Dangerous Toys classic “Teasn’ Pleasn'” asking McMaster to record the vocal. The song is released on Shadows Fall- The War Within (Japanese Import) and is being domestically released in the states and Canada on a “B Sides” compilation by Shadows Fall.

2005, May 7, the Toys play a special 2 hour set to commemorate an 18 year anniversary at the Red Eyed Fly in Austin, Texas. Look for the CD and DVD to come in 2006, again, released independently.

2009 – Dangerous Toys rocks at South Texas RockFest!

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.southtexasrockfest.com