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March 20, 2008

Finally! We’re extremely proud to announce the new lead guitarist of GEMINI FIVE; Mr Dany “Dee Dee” Douglas. After we went out for a quest for fire, we hit the jackpot! Young blooded Dee Dee will certainly bring some lixx, shredding mind blowing moves. All this with the looks that kill! He’s all fresh with an open mind to the whole scene which we think will suit the band more that perfect at this point. Native of the swedish small town Karlstad. And good friends with our pal and stand-in Cat (Deathstars). Actually, it was Cat that first brought Dee Dee to our attention. Please welcome Dee Dee to the Gemini Five Posse.

RELEASE PARTY! “SCREAM 4 ME” OUT MARCH 28th. The first single “Scream 4 me” from the forth coming third album; SEX DRUGS ANARCHY will be released on March 28, 2008. The single will be available for purchase as a on-line download soon. C’mon and celebrate the new album and it’s first release on March 28th at the No.1 sleaze rockclub CRAZY NIGHTS @ Harry B James, Regeringsgatan, Stockholm.

SEX DRUGS ANARCHY release on Apri 25, 2008! :: NEW ALBUM IS TITLED “SEX DRUGS ANARCHY” The new GEMINI FIVE album is mixed and done 🙂 The title of this third explosive album is gonna be; “SEX DRUGS ANARCHY”. (The demo version is now up at the GEMINI FIVE official MySpace) http://www.myspace.com/geminifive

The album was produced by band members Hot Rod and Tin Star. Recorded and mixed at the Stappenwolf Studio [Stockholm, Sweden] during October 2007 – January 2008. Executive produced by Peer Stappe.

By this album the band will blast out their roots and reveal to the world whats hot and whats not! This is a huge step to finally have it your and our way. No compromises whats so ever! Street-gutter-metal-sleaze.

The tracks has been recorded as a three-piece as a permanent lead guitarist is yet to be discovered (read more below).

Guest appearences will include such as; Martin Sweet (lead guitar on 3 tracks and backing vox), Peter London (backing vox) and Eric Young (backing vox) of “CrashDiet”. – Martin Sweet also co-wrote 3 tracks on the album. Also, Marcus Jidell of danish/swedish hardrockers “Royal Hunt” is laying downs some shredding leads on 3 tracks. – All other lead guitars has been split between Tin and Rod. American icon rocker Kory Clarke (Warrior Soul / Space Age Playboys) has co-written lyrics on 4 tracks.

“SEX DRUGS ANARCHY” will be released in Scandinavia in April 2008 and will be available as on-line purchase to the rest of the world as well. Official worldwide releases will be announced later on.

The album will include 11 tunes including title track and the 1st single “Scream 4 me” and other track titles as: “Blood on the Bricks”, “I am Hollow”, “All Pistols” and “Lay your money down”. // All the bezt! Tin, Slim, Rod & Dee

Official website http://www.geminifive.com

Courtesy of www.geminifive.com