Danko Jones Releases Artistic Video For “Legs”

Danko Jones Releases Artistic Video For “Legs”

December 3, 2013

Danko Jones has released yet another intriguing visual installment, this time it is the official video for their latest single “Legs” — taken from the album “Rock And Roll Is Black And Blue’, out now on Bad Taste Records. With acclaimed and often controversial Canadian director Bruce LaBruce at the helm they’ve produced a visually captivating video by mirroring the works of Pierre Molinier and applying an artistic yet eccentric use of sexuality.

LaBruce, who is best known for his sexually charged and culturally challenging productions have been looking forward to working with the band for a long time. Says LaBruce, “I’ve known Danko and John for many years, and I went to many Danko Jones shows when they were first starting out in Toronto and in New York. After reconnecting with Danko last year at his book launch, we decided it was finally time for me to do a video for them.”

The video itself is in line with the direct vision LaBruce had to create a spectacular and unexpected video for the song. “Danko suggested their song Legs, and for some reason I immediately thought of some of my sexy and leggy acquaintances in the M-F transsexual community. I really love the work of the famous photographer Pierre Molinier, whose gender bending photographs have influenced a variety of artists, so I decided to pay tribute to his work in the video.” Alongside LaBruce was art director Kenny Baird who, together with LaBruce, has worked notably with Floria Sigismondi on some of her most successful music videos, to help recreate the style and mood of Molinier.

This out of the box thinking has resulted in a striking and unique video to join the long list of video installments the band has made over the years including the “Below The Belt” trilogy and their documentary “Bring On The Mountain” (both directed by The Diamond Brothers). Danko says, “Why this collaboration with Bruce LaBruce didn’t happen sooner is beyond me. From writing the liner notes to our second release, to using our song in his 1999 movie, ‘Skin Flick/Skin Gang’, Bruce’s connection to our band is irrefutable.”

This past year Danko Jones has been touring extensively. Not only have they sold out shows all over Europe and Canada, they have finished their two biggest US tours to date; supporting Volbeat across the country as well spending 5 weeks on the road with the 2013 Uproar Festival. They’ve also reached their highest ever radio ratings in the US with the single “Just A Beautiful Day” peaking at #26 on the Active Rock charts.

This new collaboration with LaBruce is paving a new road of artistic creations for the band. “For us, Bruce directing “Legs” has been a long time coming and of course, good things come to those who wait. This music video is a trip. We love it. We know you’ll love it too.”

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