Danny De La Rosa believes that Babylon A.D. currently on hiatus

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Danny De La Rosa believes that Babylon A.D. currently on hiatus

Former Babylon A.D. guitarist Danny De La Rosa was recently interviewed by Mark Rockpit of The Rockpit to promote his new solo album 12 Weekends that was released last month.

It was pointed out to De La Rosa that even though Babylon A.D. have lost three “original” members in the last few years, things still seem amicable to which the guitarist replied: “Yeah it is amicable. We all spent a lot of time together and don’t know how much you know about the band’s reputation but it was pretty wild (laughs) a lot of good times, a lot of fights, but we’re like brothers and I know when I left, the way I always thought about Babylon A.D. was that it was the nucleus of us five original guys and if anyone left I thought it would be different. I thought that one of us were, how would you say it, musical geniuses, but together as a band we clicked really well, and if you take something out of that puzzle it’s really not the same. And I think all of the guys agree with that, but you know sometimes you gotta go on and do what you can if you still feel it. I think at this point they’re on hiatus.”

De La Rosa indicated during the interview that he had recently spoken to Babylon A.D. frontman Derek Davis as he stated: “Oh thank you. I’m so glad you said that, hardly anyone has heard it yet, the full album, but it all ties in. I was just talking to Derek (Davis, Babylon A.D. vocalist) two days ago and we were talking about singles versus an album, and we’re still so pro-album because there’s a theme and a feeling from the top to the bottom and I think that’s what I created with all the songs on ’12 Weekends.’  And I don’t know but I think maybe some people are surprised that it doesn’t sound like 80’s Rock, or typical 80’s Rock, I don’t know? Or maybe it does? (laughs)”

You can read the rest of the interview with Danny De La Rosa at The Rockpit‘s website.

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