Danny Rexon indicates Crazy Lixx’s setlist mostly from albums ‘Forever Wild, ‘Ruff Justice’ & ‘New Religion’

Danny Rexon indicates Crazy Lixx’s setlist mostly from albums ‘Forever Wild, ‘Ruff Justice’ & ‘New Religion’

Crazy Lixx frontman Danny Rexon was recently interviewed by Mark Rockpit for The Rockpit in advance of the band’s upcoming mini-tour in Australia, which includes the MelodicRock Fest in Melbourne, Australia from March 6 to 8, 2020.

In terms of Crazy Lixx‘s setlist for their upcoming Australia shows, Rexon indicated: “Well, we’re confined to about an hour so there are certain songs, especially as this is the first time we’ve been over that I feel they are as I used to say “our smoke on the water” – songs we have to play or we’ll be lynched!”

Rexon added: “So I imagine we will want to play those obvious hits and we’ve been talking about adding a song from the new album we’ve just done only in Japan before and it hasn’t been a regular part of the show otherwise so there is something a little special. It seems like when we’re far enough to the East we add that song to the set! And we are rehearsing another song from the new album but we’ll see how that feels but we haven’t decided on a full set for Australia yet though. We have a small run now to Switzerland and Germany next week so we’ve been focussing on that but after that we’ll sit down and resolve the exact setlist and the songs we’ll be taking with us to Australia. But there will be both new and old, and I never like to have too much from the latest album –I know as a fan myself I don’t usually appreciate it when a band wants to play the whole new album on their next tour. So we’re usually quite conservative, we pick the singles and the songs that we notice are most popular on Spotify or YouTube and stuff like that.”

In terms of whether it is now more and more difficult for Crazy Lixx to come up with a setlist with six albums under their belt, Rexon stated: “Yeah especially when we just have an hour and you want to mix up different styles and have one slow song maybe in between. You don’t have all that much time to fit in all that you want to, so some albums we don’t have so much stuff from. Our typical set that we’ve played on tour since the album release is mostly from ’Forever Wild’, ‘Ruff Justice’ and ‘New Religion’  – they seem to be the three albums that are most popular and so most of the songs are from those, and because they’re the most popular people typically don’t complain too much!”

You can read the rest of the interview with Danny Rexon at The Rockpit‘s website.

Crazy Lixx‘s albums have always been very popular among Sleaze Roxx readers as the Swedish group’s six studio albums have finished on the Sleaze Roxx readers’ year-end top albums list with Loud Minority ending up at #3 in 2007, New Religion at #6 in 2010, Riot Avenue at #4 in 2012Crazy Lixx at #4 in 2014 , Ruff Justice at #5 in 2017 and Forever Wild at #3 in 2019.