Dave Rude Of Tesla Answers RUFKM’s “13-Stupid Questions”


April 26, 2009

Dave Rude, guitarist for Tesla and the aptly titled Dave Rude Band, sat down for an exclusive interview with RUFKM, INC., to answer 13 of the stupidest questions ever asked in the history of rock journalism.

This hard-hitting interview provides insights into Tesla’s newest album “Forever More” as well as answers the more important question of “Who the hell is Dave Rude?”. The interview also includes the startling breaking news that Tesla is the state band in the People’s Republic of North Korea.


ABOUT RUFKM, INC. – Is one of the greatest humor sites ever created and can be found at www.rufkm.net. The site features realife stories that make you exclaim “Are You F–ing Kidding me?” as well as reviews of some of the greatest rock bands you’ve never heard of.

ABOUT TESLA – Tesla is a hard rock band hailing from Sacramento, CA and has been writing and performing hits for nearly 30-years. They are currently on tour supporting their newest album “Forever More”, which debuted in the Top 40 according to Nielsen Soundscan. www.teslatheband.com

ABOUT DAVE RUDE – Read the damn interview at www.rufkm.net to find out more about Dave or go to his MySpace page at www.myspace.com/daverudeband.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.rufkm.net