David Coverdale plans on continuing with Whitesnake music but he won’t be touring after ‘farewell tour’

David Coverdale plans on continuing with Whitesnake music but he won’t be touring after ‘farewell tour’

Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale was recently interviewed by Eamon O’Neill for UK’s eonmusic. Coverdale has been planning a ‘farewell tour’ that now includes powerhouse singer Dino Jelusick.

In terms of his upcoming farewell tour, Coverdale indicated: “We have this farewell tour, and when I say that I’m retiring, I’m retiring from touring at this level. It’s so huge and it takes months and months and months to set up. I was hoping actually, to retire at 69 which is absolutely the best age for the lead singer of Whitesnake to step down. It’s not going to stop me. You know, seventy sucks, but there you go! I have to do this tour of appreciation and gratitude so I can achieve completion. I’m coming up to fifty years of people supporting my work; it’s just extraordinary, it’s a magical life and as the song ‘Don’t Fade Away’ says; “all in all, it’s been a rocky road”,  but we’ve still got the passion to move forward.”

With respect to getting back on stage with guitarist John Sykes even for an one-off performance during Whitesnake‘s farewell tour, Coverdale opined: “Not for me. I admire John, I wish him well in everything, but it was interesting that we were so successful in writing together, so successful, but as people we weren’t. There was a constant rub. A mutual friend put us together in, I think it was ’02 or something like that, and we talked and stuff for a long time and it was lovely, but the more and more I spoke with him I thought; “I feel the same as it was thirty-odd years ago, and the last thing I want to do is make a commitment, and then be calling my wife from Tokyo saying; “what the fuck did I agree to this for?” I’m sorry to disappoint you, but the other thing, Sean Connery; ‘never say never’, but there’s nothing right now at this moment in time. When we lost Jon Lord, I reached out to a lot of people – including Richie [Blackmore], god bless him – to bury whatever potential hatchet, and I put out feelers, and it wasn’t particularly positively received, so what I can tell you is I wish everyone well who I’ve worked with, because they all brought something amazing to the party.”

In regard to putting to bed the recent headline that Whitesnake could continue without him, Coverdale stated: “Well, no, no! The circumstance is that the music’s going to continue, and I’m still going to be doing projects, very likely with these guys. I’m just not going to tour. I haven’t even spoken to the band at depth. We have a daily text thread with each other which is mostly amusing themes. Really, I don’t know. See, I work with Foreigner, my good friends, if they’re coming over [for the 2022 European tour]; if Mick Jones isn’t on there, there isn’t an original member there, but the audience loves them. Why? Because they love the music, and the music is played respectfully. I don’t know. These are questions I’ll talk to the band. They might go; “fuck you, DC!”, you never know! I’m truly excited because we have some new flavours to bring out, which I think is going to be an amazing addition to an already kick-ass cake!”

You can read the rest of the interview with David Coverdale at eonmusic‘s website.