David Ellefson knows that he was on Metallica’s short list to replace bassist Jason Newsted

David Ellefson knows that he was on Metallica’s short list to replace bassist Jason Newsted

Megadeth bassist David Ellefson was recently interviewed by Jimmy Kay of Canada’s The Metal Voice to promote Altitudes and Attitude‘s new album Get It Out.

Ellefson was asked in 2001 when Megadeth disbanded and when Jason Newsted left Metallica, if he ever got a call to join Metallica. Ellefson replied (as transcribed by The Metal Voice with slight edits): “Metallica didn’t call me, I do know know there was a conversation about considering me. I know I was on Metallica‘s short list.” Robert Trujillo ended up replacing Newsted in 2003.

In terms of the musical direction of the upcoming new Megadeth album, Ellefson advised: “We have been really trying to re frame the band, there have been a few records in the past years that really hit the mark well. I thought Dave did a great job on the Endgame album. The Thirteen album was an album that I played on when I came back into the group I thought was a really good strong record. So as we talk about this next record we said Dystopia is the bench mark, it seems to be what fans like to hear. A combination of melodies, amazing playing and  the thrash stuff a kind of a greatest hits of everything Megadeth has ever done. All this can be heard on Dystopia. To early to say what it will sound like but Dystopia is a benchmark for us.”

With respect to his side project with Frank Bello of Anthrax, called Altitudes and Attitude and their new album, Ellefson indicated: “This side project is an addition to Megadeth and I think that is why the fans like it and embrace it. I have played on a lot of records so fans are used to hearing different sides to me. For Frank Bello, what is cool for him is that he is the singer on this project, so you really get to hear a different side to Frank. Musically it is very different. It is not a thrash metal record. It’s got some powerful hard rock drive to it but it also an emotional side. The album has sensibilities to it. It is not just a freight train heavy metal by any stretch.”

Interview with David Ellefson by The Metal Voice:

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